7 Secrets for a Flawless Foundation Finish ...


Achieving a flawless finish with your foundation is important.

After all, your foundation is truly the base for all your other makeup.

These’re 7 secrets you can use to get the perfect finish that you’ve been dreaming of.

Don’t settle for a foundation finish that doesn’t measure up.

1. Hide Your Pores with This Secret

The first step to getting a flawless foundation finish is to hide your pores with this secret.

Your pores have a lot to do with how your foundation appears on your skin.

All of us have pores and you can’t change the size of them.

You can, however, hide them.

Before applying your foundation, rinse your face with cold water or rub an ice cube over the areas of your face where your pores are the most visible.

This’ll temporarily close them up to give your foundation a better appearance.

2. Drop the Matte Formula

Unless you have extremely oily skin, matte formula is not for you.3

Luminous foundation doesn’t have the flat appearance of matte foundation.

This means that it’ll make your skin appear younger and help hide any imperfections in your skin.

I’ve fallen in love with luminous foundations and will never go back to a matte formula.2

Luminous formulas are more forgiving than matte formulas.

3. Don’t Settle for the Wrong Shade

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a shade that works for you.

Always look at your foundation in different lighting before you make your decision.

The right foundation will not stand out on your skin.

It should look like your skin, only better.

It shouldn’t look like a mask or leave any visible lines to deal with.

It’s also possible that you may have to try a few different brands before you find the shade that works best for you.

4. Add a Primer

Some women have better success with their foundation when they use a primer.2

If your foundation tends to fade away after a few hours, you could benefit from a primer.

If you have some fine lines beginning to show up then a primer can help with those, too.

Primer gives your foundation a better surface to adhere to as well as extending the wear of your foundation.

You can see if it’s beneficial to you by wearing it under your foundation on one side of your face and evaluating the difference at the end of the day.

Less is Sometimes More
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