7 Tightlining ✍🏼 Tips for Girls Who Want to Nail Eyeliner πŸ‘ Application πŸ‘ ...


Tightlining is a method of applying liner that gives the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes.2

It involves a technique that’s different than applying liner the traditional way.

It might take you some practice to get it right, but you’ll love how it looks, especially if you have thin or short eyelashes.


Here are all the tips you need to get tightlining just right.

Practice makes perfect, as they say, so use this information to master the art and you’ll love the way your eyes look any day of the week.

1. The Liner Goes under Your Eyelid and among Your Lashes

Tightlining is tricky because you must be sure to apply the liner just under your lid and between your lashes.2

This helps make them look fuller and thicker without having to wear falsies or put on a ton of mascara.

The first few times I tried, I had eyeliner everywhere, so don’t wait to give this a try right before a big night.

2. Keep Your Liner Pencil as Sharp as Possible

The sharper your liner, the more precision you get when you put it on.

Because you want to keep the liner confined to a small space, you need a thin point so you don’t get eyeliner in a thicker line than you want.

Use a quality sharpener and be diligent about keeping your liner in tip top shape.

You’ll be much happier with the results that way.

3. Tilt Your Head Back when Tightlining

Instead of pulling your lids so you can see the area you’re lining, try tipping your head back and holding a mirror with one hand and your liner with the other.

This makes it easier to see where you need to put the liner and prevents the wrinkles and sagging that can occur with repeated tugging at your eyelids.2

Use a Creamy Eyeliner Pencil Rather than a Dense One
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