7 Makeup Tricks for Larger Eyes ...


7 Makeup Tricks for Larger Eyes ...
7 Makeup Tricks for Larger Eyes ...

Makeup is great for many reasons, not in the least because it can create illusions. If you feel like your cheekbones are nonexistent, you can use blush to highlight them. If you think your lips are too thin, lipstick and lip liner can make them look fuller. By the same token, if you want that large, doe eyed look, your makeup can do that as well. In fact, there are lots of makeup tricks for larger eyes, and here are some of the most common ones!

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Shape Your Brows

The best makeup trick for larger eyes is to make sure your eyebrows are groomed and shaped correctly. You don't want to look like you're terminally surprised, though, so don't go crazy. Rather, just make sure that the stray hairs are all gone, and that your brows have a nice arch or shape that goes well with the shape of your face in general and the shape of your eyes in particular.


Get Longer Lashes

Long eyelashes also make your eyes look bigger, and there are several ways to get them if you don't have them. There are lots of mascaras now that really do make your eyelashes look much, much longer; they actually act like false eyelashes, but you don't have to go through the rigamarole of applying them. Then, too, there are fake lashes, which come in a full fan or single lashes. I prefer the latter.


Go Halfway with Liner

A lot of the makeup tricks for larger eyes depend on the way you put on eyeliner. The first trick is that you shouldn't apply your liner around the entirety of your eyes. Too much eyeliner, all the way around your eyes, can actually make them look smaller. Instead, just go halfway. You may not want to do that on your upper lids, but definitely do it on your lower ones.


Try a Cat Eye

Extension is also a great eyeliner quick. This sort of mimics the cat eye look, but it's not quite as dramatic. All you need to do is extend your liner past the corner of your eye and let it curl up a bit. The idea is that it should mimic the curl of your eyelashes. You have to make sure to apply it symmetrically, though, otherwise your face will look a little lopsided.


Whiten It up

Adding white eye makeup can be extremely helpful as well. What you do is use white liner or shadow and place it on the inner corners of your eyes. This creates a lightening effect, and it will make your eyes look bigger. It can also make your eyes look brighter and younger.


Cover Those Circles

Dark circles can make your eyes look small as well, so one surefire makeup trick for larger eyes is to get rid of them. You can do it with coverup, of course, or you can actually get rid of them. Try cucumbers, or myriad other products that are out on the market right now.


Blend, Blend, Blend

Finally, blending is incredibly important. If your eyeliner and eyeshadow is too harsh, then that, too, will make your eyes look smaller than they actually are. Make sure that you soften the lines of your eye makeup. Besides, harsh eyeliner is often too dramatic, and more prone to smearing.

There are likely many more makeup tricks for larger eyes. I should have asked my makeup artist BFF for some of them; he knows things you couldn't even imagine. Since I didn't get that done in time, maybe you can share instead. What are some of your makeup tricks, for eyes or otherwise?

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I need makeup tips for girls with large eyes

Do you have any tips on how to shape your brows? Because I honestly have no idea.

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