7 Tips to Make Your Makeup Last All Day ...

Can I interest you in some tips to make your makeup last all day? Don’t know about you but I like to read makeup-related articles and posts even when I think I know everything there is to know about that specific topic and I often discover interesting little details that come in quite handy here and there. You know the feeling? Well, here are 7 tips to make your makeup last all day – just in case you’ve missed a detail or two.

1. Apply Your Favorite Moisturizer

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Never forget your moisturizer! It’s quite simple and, yet, it’s one of the oldest tips to make your makeup last all day. Moisturizer will smooth out your skin, hydrate it and make it foundation-ready. Now, this is especially important for those who, like me, have extremely dry skin. Without moisturizer, your face will shrivel like a plum; foundation will further accent your flaws and make your face look older, tired and blotchy.

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