7 Age Defying Makeup Tricks That Anyone Can Master ...


Age defying makeup tricks aren't just for β€œolder” women, whatever that means – you're only as old as you feel. After all, every laugh line, every wrinkle, and every stitch between your brows says something about the life you've lived and your personality. Still, there are some things that some women like to reduce, or at least hide. It doesn't matter if you're 18, 28, or 48; age defying makeup tricks work for everyone who wants to use them. Odds are, you'll find one or two of these that work for you, regardless of how old you are.

1. Highlight Your Features (Literally)

Highlight Your Features (Literally)

If you fear that, as you get older, your skin looks washed out or the tone looks uneven, you don't need a ton of age defying makeup tricks to give you that dewy, youthful glow. You really just need one, but it's definitely a doozy. Highlighter helps so much, because it will also give your skin an instant lift – without Botox, collagen, face lifts, or anything like that. Pay special attention to your brow bone, above and below; the tops of your cheekbones; and around the edges of your lips.

Lose the Lip Liner
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