7 Makeup Maintenance Tips That Every Girl Should Keep in Mind ...

Most of us try to find the right colors, brands and types of makeup that work best for us, but we’re all guilty of forgetting some important makeup maintenance tips in the process. I know I can go weeks forgetting to take care of a few maintenance tips myself. The key to keeping your makeup making you look great is to make sure you take care of it! Implement these easy makeup maintenance tips so your makeup lasts longer and keeps you feeling and looking fresher!

1. Wash Your Brushes

This is hands down one of the best makeup maintenance tips you’ll ever hear. Your brushes are prime breeding ground for bacteria. Even if you wash your face regularly, makeup residue from applying makeup ends up on your brushes. You don’t need to wash them daily, but once per week put all your brushes in a large jar or glass and fill it with water. Add 1 tsp. of baby shampoo, give it a good stir and let the brushes sit all day in the jar. I like to do this on my day off when I’m not going anywhere. Then, that evening, take them out, rinse them off and dry them really well with a towel to make sure to get most of the water out. Leave them laying on a papertowel or napkin overnight to finish drying and in the morning your brushes will be like new! This keeps your face from breaking out and keeps your makeup brushes lasting longer.