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7 Times Not to Worry about Wearing Makeup ...

By Holly

As beautiful as painting your face makes you feel, there are times when you don’t need make-up. You shouldn’t feel like you need to take hours to get ready every time you leave the house. Don’t waste the time when you don’t need to. During the times when you don’t need make-up, skip your usual routine.

1 Going to the Gym

Going to the Gym One of the times when you don’t need make-up is when you’re headed to the gym. Yeah, there might be hot guys there, but your make-up is going to come off when you sweat. You don’t want to layer your skin with different products when you’re ready to exercise. Keep your make-up in a bag so that you can apply it once you’re done with your workout. Until then, leave your face uncovered.

2 Bed Time

Bed Time Never keep your make-up on when you’re ready to sleep. Wipe everything off until your face is nice and clean. Leaving your make-up on can clog your pores and cause acne. As for long-term effects, it could cause premature aging like wrinkles. So do the right thing and wash up.

3 Swimming around

Swimming around If you’re going to hop in the pool, there’s no sense in putting on eye shadow. Why get ready when the water is going to ruin your work? Unless you’re planning on tanning or playing beach volleyball and skipping the water, don’t wear any to the beach. Don’t worry about what you look like when you’re trying to have fun. Like Bruno says, you’re amazing just the way you are.

4 Doctor Day

Doctor Day Even if your doctor is a cutie, he’ll understand if you look a little messy when you come into his office. You’re not expected to look beautiful when you’re feeling under the weather. Everyone in the waiting room will understand, because they’ll be in the same boat. When you’re sick, your main priority should be getting better. It’s not a time to focus on your appearance.

5 Lady in Labor

Lady in Labor Even though you’re going to have people surrounding you and a video camera pointed at you, you don’t need make-up for this occasion. You’re expected to look a bit disheveled when you’re performing the miracle of life. Even if you find the time to apply your best make-up, you’re still going to sweat and feel stressed. So don’t worry about anything but your child when you’re in labor. Your baby is the important thing.

6 Tiny Things

Tiny Things When you’re only leaving your house to get the mail, why primp yourself? No one is going to judge your appearance. If you’re running to pick your little sister up and don’t plan on getting out of the car, don’t bother getting ready. Since you’re family, you don’t need to impress her. Of course, if you have plans for the rest of the day, you might as well get your make-up done.

7 Whenever You Want

Whenever You Want If you prefer what you look like without the help of make-up, then don’t wear it at all. You don’t have to wear it to school or work or a party if you don’t want to. Don’t do what everyone else expects you to do. Do whatever makes you the happiest. It’s your face and your decision.

It doesn’t matter what your opinion on make-up is as long as you do what feels right for you. Do you wear make-up everywhere you go? Do you love wearing it or could you live without it?

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