7 Best Lip Balms for Kissable Lips ...

The best lip balms leave your lips feeling soft and kissable. There is something on this list for every girl, no matter what your budget or special concerns may be. I believe everyone needs a good lip balm on hand to moisturize and soothe your lips to prevent them from getting chapped. So if you are looking to try out some of the best lip balms, give the ones on this list a try!

1. C.O. Bigelow โ€“ Rose Salve

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One of the best lip balms is C.O. Bigelowโ€™s Rose Salve. I have been obsessed with this stuff since I first tried it years ago. It is formulated with rose extract that conditions and soothes the lips. Even better, you can use this lip balm on your cuticles, face, elbows, knees, and dry skin patches as well. As if you needed more reasons to love this product, it was made in the USA and not tested on animals. You can get this amazing lip balm at bigelowchemists.com.

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