9 Best Ways to Remove Your Makeup Easily ...


9 Best Ways to Remove Your Makeup Easily ...
9 Best Ways to Remove Your Makeup Easily ...

Ways to remove makeup naturally and effectively can be hard to find all in one place! I actually hate most makeup removers, as they are filled with chemicals and typically cause me to break out. If you're looking for ways to remove makeup naturally, I've got your tips and tricks right here! I've got the top 9 ways to remove makeup easily, effectively and naturally!

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Honey & Baking Soda

The first way to remove makeup that is natural that we are going to talk about is honey and baking soda. You might not think that this method works, but I've tried it and it is unbelievable! Not only does the mixture feel great on, but it works great on any type of makeup! Just a little honey on a clean washcloth, add in some baking soda and you got your own makeup remover!


Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are another great way to remove makeup naturally. Baby wipes are typically so gentle that you don't have to worry about breaking out or irritating your skin at all. If you want a quick and less messy way to remove your makeup, this is definitely a great way to do it!



A lot of people don't believe that steam actually does anything but truthfully, if you fill up a basin of hot water and lean over it, into the steam, it opens up all of your pores. What this means is that it's easier for you to remove your makeup with just plain old soap and water.


Olive Oil

Olive oil has so, so many different healing properties inside of it. It also has a ton of softening agents too. If you are looking for ways to remove makeup that is natural and you have dry skin? This is the perfect way for you!



Now, I didn't believe that a little bit of milk on a cotton ball could actually get rid of my eyeliner or mascara but it's so true! Just pour some milk right onto a cotton ball and gentle swipe over your eye makeup. It's quick, easy and natural!


Baby Lotion

Baby lotion is another way to remove makeup naturally. Just like milk, go ahead and place a dab or two on a cotton ball and swipe across your lids. You'll be blown away by how awesome this method works!


Baby Oil

If you are out of olive oil or can't find your baby wipes, baby oil is another oil that you can use to nix that makeup and to get rid of that mascara. Mascara is by far the hardest makeup to get off, but with a little baby oil, it comes off in no time at all!



Ladies, this is one to be careful about and typically, this is only used for eye makeup. Vaseline is very thick and can clog your pores really easily, so when you are using vaseline to remove your eye makeup, you want to make sure that you are washing your face with soap and water afterward.



Finally, you wouldn't expect it, but chapstick is another great way you can remove your eye makeup easily! Just a few swipes under your eyes and a rub in by a cotton ball and you'll begin to see your makeup come off easily!

There are tons of natural ways to remove makeup, you just have to get creative in what you're looking for. I've tried each and every one of these ways to remove makeup and they all work! What other ways to remove makeup have you ladies tried? Any not listed?

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I use the dove soap bar (white) and a white washcloth. I wash my face after I have been in the shower for about 5 minutes so the steam can work it's magic. Dove is 1/4 moisterising cream, so it doesn't leave my skin dry. I use the white cloth so I know when I have it all off. I have been doing it for about 8 months but my gradmother has been doing it since dove soap came out. She has beautiful skin.

I just want to share on the makeup removal. I found something last October a cloth that removes your makeup with just water a Makeup Eraser this cloth is amazing and its reusable by machine washing it. I loved it so much I became a Distributor for the company. It is made out of a polyester blend and it is very soft.

i wouldnt use vaseline for anything in the world. its not good to use for eye makeup remover.

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