9 Ways to Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows ...


9 Ways to Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows ...
9 Ways to Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows ...

There are tons of ways to shape eyebrows that can really enhance your looks. For me, I'm constantly looking up ways to shape eyebrows that work with my facial features and facial structure. Well ladies, I've mastered all sorts of ways to shape eyebrows to make your face look beautiful!

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Make Eyebrows Longer than Your Eyes

One tip that I've found as a way to shape eyebrows is to make your eyebrows a little longer than your eyes. This actually enhances your eyes and makes them stand out that much more! The arch also matters, but don't worry, we'll get into that in a little bit!


Smooth Your Eyebrows

When you're working out ways to shape your eyebrows, you want to make sure that you are using a bit of eyebrow gel, that way you can smooth out all of the hairs of your eyebrows. For me, a little tube of clear mascara works too to slick my eyebrows back a bit.


Fill-in Thin Eyebrows

If you have really thin eyebrows, one of the ways to shape your eyebrows is to actually fill in your thin eyebrows a little with a pencil. One tip that you might want to take to heart is actually the color of the eyebrow pencil. You want it to match the hair color that you have now, that way everything will look a little more natural!



Plucking your eyebrows and all of the stray hairs that could cause your brows to look untamed is a great way to shape your eyebrows. Just grab your close up mirror, take your tweezers and go to town! Remember, don't over pluck though!


Get Professionally Waxed

Waxing your own eyebrows is really, really difficult. I know that I've had quite a few mishaps with my eyebrows whenever I've tried to wax them myself, that's why getting them professionally waxed is going to be the best idea. Trust me ladies, if you want the best results, it's better to leave the waxing to the professionals.


Trim Them

Now, not every single waxing place does this, but you can always ask. Your eyebrows, just like the hair on your head actually does grow. Don't let your eyebrow hair to get out of control though, just trim them up or ask for them to be trimmed up and it'll make all of the difference!


Define Which Hair You'll Be Removing

This is where the arch comes into place. When you're dealing with waxing or even just plucking your eyebrows, you want to identify how you want to shape your eyebrows completely. Truthfully, this means that you're going to have to define which hair you're going to be removing. Look up a few celebrities, that way you can see who's eyebrows you like best!


No Extreme Arches

On the subject of arches, the higher the arch, the more surprised you can look and the more alert you'll look. One of the ways to shape eyebrows is to avoid the extreme arches and instead go with something that is a little more subtle. Trust me, it'll be better all around!


Don't Overpluck

Finally, remember how I mentioned not to over pluck your brows? Definitely keep that in mind when you are plucking your own brows or when you are having someone else do it. This can again, make you look extremely surprised all of the time instead of enhancing your looks!

There are tons of ways to shape your eyebrows out there! These are just a few of my tips and tricks on ways to shape eyebrows, what successes have you had? Come on, share 'em!

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Tips on how to re-shape your eyebrows?

And also....eyebrow gel! Don't forget that!

Thanks for all of these, they were a huge help, considering I love my eyebrows.

These are great tips! Thanks

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