Blush for Beginners ...


Blush for Beginners ...
Blush for Beginners ...

Blush can be a tricky makeup product to wear. In fact, there were a few years when I stayed away from it completely because it intimidated me. But I overcame my fear and you can, too. These’re the tips you need when you’re beginning to wear blush.

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Learn about the Different Types of Blush

Blush comes in several different forms. Powder is the most common form of blush. It also comes in cream and gel form among others. Everyone has their personal favorite. I love cream blush because it seems easiest to control to me.


Decide if Shimmer or Matte is Right for You

You can choose different finishes in blush. There’re blushes that’re completely matte and blushes that’ve got varying degrees of shimmer, from very low to very high shimmer content. I’ve used both and liked them equally well. I tend to go toward a blush with a small amount of shimmer because I feel it’s more forgiving. You’ll discover what works best for you.


Determine Your Skin Tone

Skin tone always matters when you choose makeup but it matters greatly when you choose blush. Foundation, concealer, blush and powder need to work well with your skin tone. You can get a little bit more risky with eye makeup and lipstick. The general rule is the lighter your skin, the lighter the blush you need and the darker your skin, the darker the blush you need. Of course you have to see the finish of a blush. A blush can go on very differently than it looks in the package.


Try before You Buy

If you can, try a blush out before you purchase it. You can almost always do this when you purchase makeup from a high end makeup counter or store. However, shopping from a drugstore doesn’t always allow for this. If you get home and decide the blush doesn’t work for you then return it. You can almost always return makeup, even if you’ve bought from a drugstore.


Many stores offer testers so you can swatch colors on your skin, which is particularly useful if you're trying to determine how it meshes with your skin tone. Always sanitize a tester with alcohol before using, and use a disposable applicator if available to avoid cross-contamination. If in-store testing isn't an option, look up swatches online or read reviews to get a better sense of the color and texture. Remember, lighting in stores can differ greatly from natural light, so try to view the test patch in daylight if possible to ensure a true match.


Practice Your Technique

There’s no one perfect way to apply blush but there’re some tricks you can use that generally work well for everyone. Smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. After that, sweep the color upward along your cheek bone. Because I’m so fair skinned, I like to use whatever’s left on the brush or on my fingers if I’m using cream blush to add some warmth to my chin, nose and forehead. It’s not overly noticeable but it adds a bit of color to combat paleness.


Build and Blend

This tip may be the most important of all. This’s where you can get into trouble with blush. It’s important to build your blush up slowly in order to avoid the harshness of it becoming too strong. You also want to blend your blush on carefully on and make sure there’re no hard lines.


Do Damage Control

Remember that there’s always damage control. Let’s say you look in the mirror and notice one cheek has more blush than the other. We’ve all been there. Just even it up. You might find that despite your best intentions, your blush is just too strong. When this happens to me, I add a bit of foundation and powder over top of it and it tones it down beautifully.

These’re 7 tips to use when you’re wearing blush. What brand of blush is your favorite so far? What blush issue has you stumped?

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