17 Must-Know Makeup Tips for True Beginners ...


17 Must-Know Makeup Tips for True    Beginners ...
17 Must-Know Makeup Tips for True    Beginners ...

If you’re a teen and are just entering the world of makeup, you are about to see a lovely transformation. A bare face is wonderful in its own way, but makeup works to enhance what you have. You can go all out for a special occasion or just use the bare minimum for a day at school or the mall. Getting started requires some practice, but you’ll gain confidence and skill over time. Here are some tips that will really help you master your perfect makeup look.

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Experiment when You Don’t Have to Go Anywhere

Experiment when You Don’t Have to Go Anywhere The worst thing you can do is to try a new look when you have to be somewhere. What if it all goes wrong? Experiment with new looks when you can stay at home and hide if things go horribly wrong.


Choose Colors That Complement Your Coloring

Choose Colors That Complement Your Coloring Not all colors look good on all faces. Choose colors that pair well with your eye color, hair color and skin tone. Staff at any makeup store can help you figure this out.


Stock Your Cosmetics Bag with All the Tools You Need

brush, pink, organ, tool, attit, Make sure you have some makeup brushes, tweezers, a liner sharpener and an eyelash curler.


Don’t Wear Too Much to Start

face, hair, eyebrow, person, blue, You don’t want to go from a bare face one day to a hugely dramatic transformation the next. Ease into it so you get a natural look each and every time.


Use a Bright Light to Get Things Right

Use a Bright Light to Get Things Right Putting your makeup on in the dim light never ends well. Make sure you have a good lighted mirror or bulb in your bathroom so you don’t end up looking clownish.


Watch Some YouTube Videos

face, hair, eyebrow, black hair, lip, Sometimes watching someone else do it makes it so much easier for you. Watch tutorials on YouTube to help you figure things out.


Ask Someone to Give You Their Opinion

hair, face, pink, black, red, Not sure if your look is killing it? Ask your friends, your sister or your mom to give you their honest opinion so you know what to do different next time.


Use a Light Coverage Foundation

hair, eyebrow, face, black hair, hairstyle, Heavy foundation will look unnatural. If you want to cover your teen skin with foundation, make sure it’s a light formula.


Wear Mascara to Make Your Eyes Pop

face, eyebrow, hair, lip, cheek, Mascara brings out your eyes so don’t be afraid to wear a couple of coats every day. Black is great, but dark brown is also a great choice.


When applying mascara, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the brush slightly as you move towards the tips for optimal coverage. This will help to separate the lashes and prevent clumps. If you want to add more volume, focus the mascara on the outer corners of your eyes. For a more dramatic look, consider using a lash curler before applying mascara. Always ensure your mascara is fresh – a tube typically lasts about 3 months – to prevent eye infections. For sensitive eyes, look for hypoallergenic formulas. Remember that mascara can be the final touch to make your gaze truly unforgettable.


Carry Your Cosmetics with You

color, pink, beauty, eye, organ, For touch ups during the day, make sure you carry your cosmetics with you when you go to school. Use trial size products so you don’t have to lug around a huge bag of products.


Make Sure You Clean Your Skin

Make Sure You Clean Your Skin You should wash your face before applying makeup so you have a clean slate for your products. You also need to wash again to clean it all off at the end of the day.


Try Using Primer before Your Makeup

Try Using Primer before Your Makeup A primer helps even out your face and helps makeup stay put longer. Use a primer on your face and your makeup will look flawless and will last for hours.


Test Your Makeup in Natural Light

Test Your Makeup in Natural Light Once you have your desired look in place, make sure it looks good in natural light. You can do this with a mirror or by asking someone to weigh in.


Make Sure You Have Concealer for Blemishes

hair, face, clothing, black hair, eyebrow, Acne is just something that many teens have to deal with. Make sure you have a good concealer so you can cover things up when you need to.


Use Creamy Products

hair, face, person, eyebrow, woman, Creamy makeup products tend to look more natural and can keep you looking youthful and as young as you really are.


Use Subtle Colors

hair, human hair color, blond, face, hairstyle, While your colors should match your coloring, you don’t want to go too crazy since you are just starting out. Stick to subtle, neutral shades for the best look.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice, Practice, Practice The only way to master the art of wearing makeup is to practice as often as possible.

Are you new to makeup? Have these tips helped you get started?

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YouTube videos does wonders.

I'm 26 and just now getting all of this makeup stuff! I never had anyone to teach me so articles like this are so helpful!

Not a teen, but enjoyed reading this, and looking at the pictures

Not a teen*

Great tips for any age!

Good tips even if your a teen. Thanks Eliza.

I'm far from being a teen but these tips are perfect for me.

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