How to Look Good without Mascara ...

By Holly

How to Look Good without Mascara ...

If you forget your mascara at home, don't worry. You can still make your eyes look gorgeous without the product. Just follow Harper's Bazaar tips to look gorgeous without mascara.

1 ​​Keep a Lash Curler in Your Bag

You can touch up your eyes throughout the day by curling them a bit. It'll make a much bigger difference than you'd think.

2 Opt for Long-wearing Eyeliner or Really Thin Liquid Liner

This will help make the base of your lashes appear thicker. Then it'll look like you're wearing mascara when you're not.

3 Use Beige Eyeliner inside the Eye

This will help give your eyes the illusion of being wider. So don't forget to buy a beige eyeliner in addition to your favorite black liner.

4 Trace Your Lash Lines with Pencil in a Pale Golden Champagne Color

This is for all of you ladies who already have dark lashes. It'll create some sexy contrast.

5 Press Dark, Matte Shadow against the Root of the Lashes

This will help define your eyes. It's the best substitute for mascara when you don't have it on you.

What other tips do you have for making your eyes look amazing without mascara?

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