The Step by Step Guide to Age Defying Makeup ...

By Eliza

The Step by Step Guide to Age Defying Makeup ...

The great thing about makeup is that it can really help you anti age your face and look young and fabulous all the time. The trick is doing things in the right order with the right products so that you can get the look you want with the cosmetics you have in your bag. Here are some easy steps you can follow to get a great age defying makeup look any day of the week.

1 Wear Two Colors of Eye Shadow

The simple act of putting on eye shadow can help hide puffy eyelids that make you look older. You want to combine a lighter color with a medium one and blend them well on your lids. A metallic color scheme is great for adding definition to your eye area and hiding the signs of aging that tend to appear there.

2 Cover Your Face with Foundation

Foundation is perfect because it works to even out your skin tone and hide age spots and wrinkles. Look for a full coverage product that has a liquid consistency. This is better at hiding lines without migrating into creases and making wrinkles look more pronounced. Use just enough to provide coverage over your whole face. Too much will look cakey.

Contouring has taken the beauty world by storm and it's here to stay. Mastering the art of face sculpting can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Dive into the world of contouring with tips and tricks suggested by the experts, that will make you flaunt your best features. Stay confident, and let your beauty shine through!

3 Apply Highlighter to Your Cheeks for an Instant Lift

As you get older, your skin loses some of its elasticity, which can result in drooping. While makeup won’t get rid of the problem, it can certainly hide it. By applying a bit of liquid highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and up toward your temples, you give your entire face an instant lift. Easy, right?

4 Double up on the Eyeliner

I’m not saying you should wear more, but makeup experts say that wearing two colors of eye liner can open your eyes and make you look less tired. Try black on your top lids and nude on your bottom lids. This provides definition to your eye are while also brightening them and making you look young and well rested.

5 Bring Back Your Glow

Age tends to dull your skin, which can really age you. Instead of just living with it, bring back that glow by using creamy blush instead of the traditional powder version. Powder tends to get into the creases on your face, making them look deeper. On the other hand, a creamy product adds glow to your face and is better at staying where you want it.

6 Start Wearing Primer under Your Makeup

I recently started swiping on primer and I can tell you that it is pretty miraculous. Primer works by creating a smooth, clean slate for your makeup to adhere to and it helps keep it from fading and smudging. It also fills in lines and creases. Wear primer at night to help your anti-aging lotions and potions absorb instead of rubbing off on your pillow.

7 Wear Clear Gloss to Counteract Thin Lips

Many women complain that their lips start to get thinner as they get older. Short of having collagen treatments, there’s not much you can do about that. However, you can give the illusion of full lips by applying clear gloss to the center of your top and bottom lip.

Have you ever tried any of these makeup tricks for defying your age? What other ideas can you add?

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Kate moss. Not middleton

Whatever ever you do, please don't cake it on! That's terribly aging!

Also: the older you get, the 'dewier' your makeup should be. A matte foundation ages you more than a satin or dewy foundation. Also don't be afraid of highlighter

I Disagree with one thing: black eyeliner on your lids will age you. Go for a light brown or nothing at all

@heyy123 Someone seriously needs to tell Kate Middleton what you just said- she makes herself look so harsh and haggard!

And maybe a foundation, BB cream with a bit of glow in it!

Full coverage foundation when you don't need it actually makes you look older. If you just need to even your skin, a light to medium foundation applied with a sponge will look more natural.

I agree with Taylor! Full face of foundation could make you look older! Especially if you have nice skin.



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