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7 Flapper Inspired Makeup Tutorials ...

By Holly

Flappers were fashionable. That's why Bustle has brought our attention to a few tutorials that'll show you how to mimic their makeup. Here they are:

1 Historically Accurate

Want some bright lips and eyes? Try this tutorial.

2 A Complete Makeup & Hair Look

Create this makeup look and then take some black and white pictures for Instagram.


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3 A Contemporary Flapper

Make flappers cool again by adjusting their style a little bit.

4 Retro-Futuristic Starlet

Not everyone will feel comfortable wearing this, so make sure you're feeling confident before you leave the house.

5 Betty Boop-Inspired

How often do you wear your purple makeup products? Well, it's time for that to change!

6 Incorporate Your Brows

These dark colors are perfect for fall!

7 Wearable Flapper

This one looks pretty modern, so you shouldn't hesitate to wear it around town.

Which one of these looks is your favorite?

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