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Buyer Beware Makeup Brands That Are Bad for Your Skin ...

By Eliza

There are so many brands of makeup on beauty store shelves. That can make it hard for a girl to know whether she should buy Maybelline or CoverGirl. Both of those brands are some of my go-tos. What about you? You’d think that big name brands like these would be the ones you should gravitate toward, but they aren’t the best in many cases. That being said, anytime a brand of makeup causes a reaction on your skin, you should quit using it. Here are some to be especially aware of.

1 Maybelline

Many reviewers have condemned Maybelline for their mascaras. It’s usually because they don’t stay put and end up under their eyes. When this happens, not only does it mess with your look, but it also leaves that residue on your skin, which can result in breakouts for some people. If it works for you, go for it! If not, Maybelline is probably a brand you can skip.

Eeaster I loooove Maybelline and I don't agree with this a...

2 Milani

I don’t have a ton of experience with this brand, but it doesn’t get very high ratings from reviewers. Many say that the cover-up products don’t work well and leave skin patchy and blotchy looking. You don’t want that, do you? Having to reapply all the time is a total bummer and some users say the product leaves their skin itchy.

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3 CoverGirl

This one totally surprises me! I’ve used a variety of CoverGirl products my whole life and have only ever had problems with the purple and pink ones because the dye causes my skin to react in a big way. Other users say that the TruBlend products don’t work as well as they are supposed to, they are disappointing, and they make skin feel weird and itchy.

Heather don't know why CoverGirl is on this list? I've tru...

4 Revlon

Testers of Revlon lip products say that they don’t come close to living up to their reputation. Apparently, they are supposed to taste good, go on smooth and provide long lasting coverage. Many users say this isn’t the case and that the products aren’t worth the money they cost. When a lip product leaves you uncomfortable and dried out, you should probably make a switch.

Heather Revlon is one of the those hit or miss brands. Fou...

5 Sally Hansen

This is a pretty affordable brand, but many customers are horrified at the results. According to those who tried the primer, it doesn’t do anything to help keep make-up in place and makes skin feel oily and gross. Many of the Sally Hansen products are said to wear off too soon. You definitely don’t need that!

Heather haven't used enough to know, but I do like this br...

6 Neutrogena

According to users, many of the Neutrogena skin products are not effective and don’t provide the coverage they are supposed to. Others say that they have to use a large amount of the product for it to work like it should. That means you run out faster and have to spend more to purchase another tube.

Heather I personally love their mineral loose powder, but ...

7 Rimmel London

One of the products from Rimmel London that gets the worst reviews is the concealer. Users say that it won’t stay where it’s supposed to and slides right off your blemishes. Other products wear off too quickly and need reapplication several times each day. That sounds like reason enough to put them down, doesn’t it?

Do you love any of these brands? If they work for you, don’t worry about what reviewers say. Use them whenever you want. Do you have any other brands to add to the list?

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