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The Best Makeup Products That Only Cost a Dollar ...

By Cris

How far can your dollar go in the makeup department? The answer: a pretty long way, especially when you take your hard-earned dollars to a dollar store and decide to splurge it there. Below are seven of the best makeup products that only cost a dollar each and some tips on what to do to get the best results from them.

1 Moisturizing Foundation

Moisturizing FoundationPrep your face with this moisturizing foundation to cover and even out skin tone before you continue to whip up magic onto your face. Some say it ends up greasy on your face. Well, not really if you know how to combine it with pressed powder. The look comes out natural. Like a no-makeup kind of makeup.

2 Colormates' Pressed Powder

Colormates' Pressed PowderSo you start it off with the foundation above, next step? Seal it with this pressed powder. This gem comes with a spongy applicator and a mirror that are neatly put together in a black, easy-to-carry, clutch-friendly compact form. It's a very basic pressed powder that you will need to retouch every three to four hours. You can choose between two shades: rose beige and natural beige.

3 E.l.f. Eyeshadow Primer

E.l.f. Eyeshadow PrimerIf you have a longer time to spare for putting on makeup, say 30 minutes, do not forget to put on this product to provide your eyeshadow with the base coat. It just helps combine your chosen lid shade later. Plus it helps your eyeshadow stay there longer. After the primer, use L.A. Colors loose eyeshadow; they're a bunch of honey-bunnies that come in small sizes and work well with the primer.

4 L.a. Colors Auto-eyeliner Pencils

L.a. Colors Auto-eyeliner PencilsDon't you just hate it when you have barely five minutes to put yourself together and you realize your eyeliner needs to be sharpened? Well, there's no need to fret if you have this auto-eyeliner in your makeup kit. Just turn the thin knob on the lower portion of the stick and voila, a brand new pencil to emphasize those beautiful eyes.

5 L.a. Colors Lash-building Mascara

L.a. Colors Lash-building MascaraAh, the secret to long black lashes comes in a small package. If you want extra thick lashes, pair this up with Colormates' classic black mascara. This one can be your second coating. Or... you can opt for Colormates' bold false eyelashes to just finish off that gypsy, sultry look.

6 Colormates' Lipstick and Lip Liner

Colormates' Lipstick and Lip LinerWear this at 8:00 a.m. and it will still be there even after lunch time unless you absentmindedly wipe your mouth with a table napkin. Colormates' lipstick and lip liner create the duo you need when the day calls for you to be constantly on your feet running one errand after another. The long-lasting formula is a best friend to every lipstick-loving girl wanting to stay confident the entire day without having to think about how much "confidence" will cost.

7 Makeup Remover

Makeup RemoverIf you're too tired to wash off all that makeup from your skin, these facial wipes are only an arm's reach to help you in cleansing your precious skin. No more guilt feelings because you didn't go to the bathroom to remove the evidence of the day's work.

The best thing about all these items? They're only sold for a dollar. The quality of some of them can be comparable to what you can find in retail stores that charge three or four times their price. The secret to being happy with these products is to experiment with the combination and the look. After all, you're only spending a dollar for each of these treasure so...go ahead and play with them.

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