Unbelievably Cheap Makeup Steals from E.L.F. Makeup ...

The E.L.F. (eyes, lips, face) brand has changed the world of makeup. It burst onto the scene in 2004 and has been making headlines and gaining in popularity ever since. They offer unbelievably low prices (some items as low as $1), making their quality products a steal! The most difficult part of writing this article was narrowing the choices down to only 7. These are the sizzling hot must try products!

1. E.L.F. Studio High Definition Powder

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This powder has stellar reviews and has been making headlines for being completely fabulous! It’s even been mentioned in “Redbook” and “National Health” magazines. This powder hides lines and imperfections and gives your face a flawless airbrushed look. It does so much more than keep down shine. You can choose from sheer, shimmer or corrective yellow to suit your skin’s specific needs.

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