9 Charmingly Sweet & Pleasantly Fabulous Flavored Lip Glosses ...

Flavored Lip Glosses are something that every woman should have. I know that I have a ton of different flavored lip glosses that smell and taste amazing! When I was going through my flavored lip glosses, I realized that there are a ton of new scents and tastes out there that I haven't experienced yet. That's what inspired this post! Ladies, below, I'm going to detail out the top 9 sweet smelling, great tasting and awesome flavored lip glosses that I know you'll love!

1. Caramel Apple

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Price: $10.00 at philosophy.com
Caramel apple is totally one of my favorite scents and my favorite foods. When falls rolls in, immediately I hit the store for some caramel apples. This is one of my favorite flavored lip glosses because it tastes just like you've eaten a caramel apple – without the calories!

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