Dazzling Daytime Makeup Looks for Ladies with Fair Skin ...

I'm pale as all hell. As a result, my makeup choices are … well, if you listen to the beauty gurus, girls with pale or fair skin can handle an array of bright colors and bold cosmetics, but the truth of the matter is that it's easy to look sickly, washed out, and even paler if you aren't careful. Certain vivid or dramatic shades work well, but you can't wear that all day long. So, from me to you, here are some truly dazzling daytime looks for all my pasty friends.

1. Try a Neutral-bold Lip

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What I mean is, find a bold but still subtle shade of lipstick that looks lovely with your skin, and let your lippie stand out on its own. Bam, you're daytime ready!

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