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Dazzling Daytime Makeup Looks for Ladies with Fair Skin ...

By Lyndsie

I'm pale as all hell. As a result, my makeup choices are … well, if you listen to the beauty gurus, girls with pale or fair skin can handle an array of bright colors and bold cosmetics, but the truth of the matter is that it's easy to look sickly, washed out, and even paler if you aren't careful. Certain vivid or dramatic shades work well, but you can't wear that all day long. So, from me to you, here are some truly dazzling daytime looks for all my pasty friends.

1 Try a Neutral-bold Lip

What I mean is, find a bold but still subtle shade of lipstick that looks lovely with your skin, and let your lippie stand out on its own. Bam, you're daytime ready!

2 Light on the Eyes

You can still incorporate some vibrant shades, though. You just have to make them subtle but still eye-catching. Try a stunning liner on your lower lash line.

3 Frame Your Face

Get your eyebrows perfect and throw on a lipstick that makes you feel like a goddess. That's really all you need for the perfect daytime makeup.

4 Let Your Lashes Speak for You

You can always let your eyelashes take center stage, too. And these? These are some serious lashes.

5 Everything about This

See this? Copy this. This makeup is ideal for the day-to-day.

6 Winged Eyeliner Ftw

You can't go wrong with winged eyeliner, either. Once again, you don't need much more makeup than that.

7 A Study of Neutrals

From the peachy lipstick to the light eye makeup, this look is totally on-point. Really, though, I love that lipstick!

8 Keep It Light

Don't feel like you have to go overboard to get a great daytime look. Play around with something soft, dewy, and natural instead.

9 A Little Mauve Madness

Darker, more neutral shades of pink generally look beautiful against fair skin. Just make sure it's not too pink or it might pop a bit too much.

10 Just a Little Contour

You can always use your contouring skills, too. That's also a great way to add some bronze color to your face, if you so choose.

11 Dramatic Eyes, Light Lips

That's always a winning combo. Go all out with your eyes, just make sure you choose a daytime-friendly color palette.

12 Flawless Foundation

I'm actually just staring at this beauty's lips. They're kind of the prettiest lips I've ever seen in my life.

13 Shimmery Eyes

Add a little shimmer to your eye makeup and you'll be ready to step out for the day. Digging that braid, too – damn.

14 An Adele-worthy Wing and Pretty Lips

That eyeliner is absolutely flawless. I'm in awe!

15 Summertime Perfection

This makeup look is marvelous from top to bottom. I love the lip color, too!

16 Just a Bit of Natural Lip

This is an especially great tip if you have full, lush lips. As you can see, winged eyeliner is perfectly acceptable for daytime makeup.

17 #nomakeup

Or you could go this route and really rock your business.

What's your favorite daytime look? Do you bronze and contour, or do you prefer to let your fair skin stand out?

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