62 Beautiful Makeup Inspos for Girls Who Are Not Afraid to Play with Color ...

By Olga

62 Beautiful Makeup Inspos for Girls Who Are Not Afraid to Play with Color ...

It's natural to get stuck in a makeup rut. You find your signature look and your holy grail beauty products and you never look back. Well, if you're ready to embrace change, you can kiss your makeup woes goodbye thanks to @makeupbyalinna. She's a self-taught makeup artist out of Toronto who's Instagram feed provides us all with endless beauty inspiration and makeup goals for girls who are not afraid to use color. See for yourself and prepare to be mesmerized!

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"If you're looking to switch up your makeup routine, consider sporting a bold "purple lipstick". This can seem daunting at first, but fear not! We've discovered this fantastic guide that provides easy-to-follow tips on how to wear purple lipstick like a pro. It's a fun, bold step for those feeling adventurous!"


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eyebrow, eyelash, beauty, nose, lilac,


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color, hair, blond, pink, eyebrow,


hair, blond, color, hairstyle, woman,


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eyebrow, hair, color, blond, hairstyle,

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wow, what an inspiration indeed!

These are all so pretty,I don't wear loads of makeup anymore though I'm more into Natural and soft makeup now but these are all so beautiful

Bold and beautiful

She's stunning

Like 10 of the looks had color and the rest were all neutrals :/

Too much makeup...don't get why you need so much. Looks fake


What's the round thing that they all hold?

@Nony Bell it's a teeth whitener, they advertise it for $$

HiSmile teeth whitening product.

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