49 Gorgeous Makeup Looks to Try This Summer for a Hot New You ...


49 Gorgeous Makeup Looks to Try This Summer for a Hot New You ...
49 Gorgeous Makeup Looks to Try This Summer for a Hot New You ...

If you aren't already following makeup artist @iluvsarahii, you're seriously missing out! In my opinion, this girl can do no wrong when it comes to makeup. She can rock so many different looks and she's such a stunner...

She even has her own makeup classes! If you need some makeup ideas for some of this summer's events, her Insta will give you all the makeup inspiration you need and more!

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😍 but it's too much for summer

Sooooo many lip injections

Way too heavy for summer/

Gosh, what a waste! All these girls have lip implants or something..

More than makeup these looks are an ad for lip fillers...

Those lips are way to big and unnatural looking!! Sad! 😩

Pretty makeup,but where I live Summer is ridiculously warm and if I wore this much makeup it would literally just melt off and feel gross on the skin,my summer makeup is always BB cream,cream blush,mascara and a colorful lip and liner

I love how she has make up on and still shows her freckles ( the one model) I've been trying to figure out how to do that for a while

The lips look good, but you could sweat the lipstick off easily!

Uh these all involve big lips, what's up with that?

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