49 Gorgeous Makeup Looks to Try This Summer for a Hot New You ...

By Olga

49 Gorgeous Makeup Looks to Try This Summer for a Hot New You ...

If you aren't already following makeup artist @iluvsarahii, you're seriously missing out! In my opinion, this girl can do no wrong when it comes to makeup. She can rock so many different looks and she's such a stunner...

She even has her own makeup classes! If you need some makeup ideas for some of this summer's events, her Insta will give you all the makeup inspiration you need and more!

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"Hey ladies! Do you want to recreate the stunning makeup looks you see on Tumblr? Look no further! Here's a fantastic makeup tutorial that breaks down each look and guides you through the process step by step. Learn to do it like a pro and let your beautiful creativity burst out!"


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As pretty as these are I'm more into the nearly there makeup looks,plus these aren't that 'summery' in the summer I use BB cream instead of foundation cause it's lighter

Way too heavy for summer/

Uh these all involve big lips, what's up with that?

The lips look good, but you could sweat the lipstick off easily!

Sooooo many lip injections

I couldn't pull any of this off

Those lips are way to big and unnatural looking!! Sad! 😩

What's with all that botoxed lips??

😍 but it's too much for summer

Pretty but so not summer! With the humidity where I live BB creams and lipgloss are almost too much! lol

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