10 Useful Videos to Teach You How to Contour for Girls Who Hate Their Nose ...

By Eliza

10 Useful Videos to Teach You How to Contour for Girls Who Hate Their Nose ...

There are many reasons why you might hate your nose. Whether it’s too big or it’s not big enough, you can create the illusion of perfection with your makeup. Of course, you’re beautiful just the way you are, but I know full well the defeat that sometimes happens when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. Watch these videos to help you enhance your nose and get the look you really want.

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Like a Pro

Want to get the nose contouring look that is just like the pros do it? This video is the one for you. The step by step directions are perfect for learning how to do the techniques and get the perfect look down just right. The tutorial makes it easy to follow along and you can get the methods down pat with just a couple of viewings. What more could a girl want?


Instant Nose Job

If you’ve been wanting a nose job for your whole life because you hate yours, this video could well change your life. By simply applying your makeup in a certain way, you can narrow things down and make your nose look like the ones you see photoshopped in magazines. It’s easy to follow and you will totally love the results.


Make It Look Smaller

If you struggle with the size of your nose, you are not alone. The girl in this tutorial will show you how to make yours look smaller and more feminine. She’s easy to understand and makes it totally simple to create the look she’s rocking in the video. With just a couple of viewings, you will have the perfect nose any day of the week.


The Power of Makeup

If you aren’t convinced that makeup can dramatically change your look, this video will totally change your mind. It will show you how to apply your makeup to create the illusion of having a perfectly slender and girlish nose. If you don’t watch any of the other videos on this list, make sure to see this one.


Less than 5 Minutes

Only have a couple of minutes to get your nose contoured in the most perfect way? This is the tutorial for you. It will show you a fast method for contouring the center of your face so you can get a look that you are proud to show the world. It’s super easy to follow the video and in just mere minutes, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

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All Nose Shapes

If you need to figure out your nose shape, this video can help you do just that. Once you have that all decided, you can use the tutorial to show you how to contour based on that nose shape. This easy to follow video is great for any girl because it can show you how to make your nose stand out in the best way, no matter its size or shape.


Big Noses

The adorable girl in this tutorial is totally awesome. She makes it so easy to contour a larger than average nose so that it looks perfect no matter where you plan to go. The step by step is easy to follow and makes it super simple to look the way you want to.


Longer, Thinner Nose

Using these concealers, powders, beauty blender, and brushes, this makeup artist shows you how to create a perfectly contoured nose.


Slimmer Nose

Use these secrets to get a slimmer nose! Get this look in minutes. An angled brush and powder is all you need!


Fake Nose Job

It's all about minimalistic makeup! No harsh lines here. Turn to the side without seeing harsh lines. Slim, upturned at the tip, and petite is the look you'll get with this tutorial.

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