Don't Make These Embarrassing Blush Mistakes ...


Blush is a beautiful makeup product that can add a little color into your face. It’s takes minimal effort and has a fabulous payoff. It does take some time to figure out the right blush and application technique but you can do it. Being aware of the most commonly made blush mistakes can help you to avoid them.

1. Wearing the Wrong Shade

Wearing the Wrong Shade

One embarrassing blush mistake many women make is wearing the wrong shade. There’s a lot of room for personal choice. Many colors are more wearable than they look in the packaging. But you want to make sure the color you’re wearing works for you. Blush should be a makeup product that enhances your natural beauty instead of looking like you added an over the top color. If you’re confused, ask a makeup consultant for help.

Wearing the Wrong Formula
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