7 Easy Ways to Get Free Makeup ...


7 Easy Ways to Get Free Makeup ...
7 Easy Ways to Get Free Makeup ...

With cosmetics being so expensive, I'm always on the lookout for ways to get free makeup. While it takes patience sometimes, it's well worth it. Imagine saving hundreds every year on your favorite makeup brands. There are ways to get free makeup and you never have to do anything shady, such as joining those suspicious looking freebie sites. Since it's all free, what do you have to lose?

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Loyalty Programs

One of my favorite ways to get free makeup is by joining loyalty programs. Many brands have a points program where you earn so many points for each product you buy. After you reach a specific point value, you can redeem your points for a freebie. Some of these also offer bonus points for birthdays and holidays. Check with your favorite brands' websites to see if they offer a loyalty program.


Free Gifts

I can't open a magazine or watch TV without seeing some makeup brand offering free makeup kits with purchase of a makeup bag or after spending a set amount on cosmetics or perfume. If you were going to buy these things anyway, why not take advantage of the free makeup offer? Usually, the value of the makeup is worth more than the required purchase. The last ad I saw was for over $150 worth of makeup after spending $30.


Review Products

This method might take a little time and patience, but it does work for those who are dedicated. If you love makeup, start a website and review your favorite products and write tutorials. After gaining a decent following, send an email to your favorite brands asking if they'd be willing to send you products in exchange for an honest review. Many websites exist to connect bloggers with prominent brands.


Becoming an influencer in the beauty world can open doors to getting free makeup while sharing your passion with others. Cultivate a unique voice that stands out and engages your audience. Remember to be consistent with your content and honest in your reviews—integrity is key to maintaining trust with your followers. Once you've established a solid presence, you might also approach companies with a media kit that showcases your reach and influence, making the offer mutually beneficial. Patience is crucial, as building a loyal fan base takes time, but the rewards can be substantial.


Cosmetic Parties

You don't always have to buy your makeup from a department or drug store. Brands such as Avon and Mary Kay allow their sellers to host cosmetic parties. During the party, guests have the chance to win full sized products. You're usually also treated to a makeover. Everyone typically gets a set of free samples as well. While the idea is to get you to buy something, you'll end up leaving with something for free.


Magazine Contests

Beauty magazines, such as Allure and Glamour, often have contests to win free makeup. So far, I haven't seen an issue without some sort of makeup contest. It only takes a minute to enter. After all, someone has to win. You can usually find different contests on the magazine's website if you want more chances of winning. I usually enter both and it takes maybe five minutes a week.


Social Media

If you're not already following your favorite brands on social media, do it now. You won't believe how many giveaways, BOGOs and straight out free offers you'll be able to take advantage of. I've found links to full rebates, special online only deals and amazing contests just by following brands on Twitter and Facebook. I highly recommend trying it. While you won't always get something for free, you will get insane discounts.


Ask for Samples

Many makeup sites along with department and discount store sites allow you to request free samples. Whether it's just their latest products or a specific type of product, all you have to do is enter your address and wait for the sample to arrive. Some sites even offer free full sized samples on a first come basis. Also check with your local beauty counter to see if they provide free samples.

While you might not be able to get all of your cosmetics for free, there's no reason not to get at least some of them for free. By using a combination of the methods above, I rarely buy makeup and when I do, it's at a deep discount. What other ways do you use to get free makeup?

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I get lots of free samples both from Sephora, Macy's (online) and then I subscribe to Birchbox. You get really decent sized samples of really good products without having to buy the product.

If your a licensed make up artist, cosmetologist, mac& it cosmetic offer a discount program!!

Great tips! Thank you 👌

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