7 Clever Makeup Tips for Oval Faces ...


7 Clever Makeup Tips for Oval Faces ...
7 Clever Makeup Tips for Oval Faces ...

Finding makeup tips for oval faces can be super daunting right? You’ve probably searched all over the web and still, can’t find makeup tips for oval faces that actually work. Well ladies, I’ve got the scoop on oval faces and I’ve got all of the makeup tips for oval faces that actually work!

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Stick to Your Normal Foundation

A lot of makeup tips for oval faces call for you to change up the color of your foundation or even to change up the brand – ladies, this is false! You definitely don’t have to change out your foundation color of brand just because you have an oval face!


Highlight Lips or Eyes, Not Both at the Same Time

The thing with oval faces is that they are proportional from the jawline all the way up to the forehead. For this reason, you want to make sure that you highlight your lips or your eyes, not both of them at the same time. If you have some kick-butt lipstick you want to show off, just tone down your eye makeup a little bit! This is definitely one of the makeup tips for oval faces that a lot of people forget about!


Emphasizing either your pout or your peepers creates a focal point that draws attention to your best features without overwhelming your natural balance. Think smoky eyes with a nude lip for a night out, or go for that bold red lipstick with just a swipe of mascara for an afternoon brunch. Remember, accentuating one feature allows it to stand out beautifully, showcasing the symmetry of your oval face without competing elements. It's all about embracing the art of subtlety and letting your natural beauty shine through.


Contour with Bronzer

The thing about contouring is that with oval faces, you don’t typically need a whole lot. Just a little contouring along your cheeks and trust me, you’ll see a huge difference in how your face looks and how the shape changes! This makeup tip for oval faces is awesome to use!


Contouring with bronzer is an easy and effective way to enhance the features of an oval face. Bronzer can be used to create shadows and add definition to the cheeks, jawline, and forehead. It can also be used to create a sun-kissed glow and to emphasize the cheekbones. When applying bronzer, it is important to use a light hand and blend the product well. Start by applying bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, the sides of your forehead, and along your jawline. Then, use a larger brush to blend the product out and soften the lines. To finish, use a highlighter to accentuate the high points of your face, such as the bridge of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones, and your cupid’s bow. With the right technique, contouring with bronzer can help to create a flattering and natural look.


Play up Your Eyes

If you want to forget about your lips and really want to highlight your eyes, go for it! Playing up your eyes with pinks, greens, purples and reds are all great ways to really draw people in. Remember though, if you play up the eyes, tone down the lips a little!


When accentuating your eyes, consider using shimmery eyeshadows to really catch the light and enhance your eye shape. Eyeliner can play a crucial role too; a classic cat-eye elongates the eyes for a stunning effect, while a smudged liner can create a sultry, smoky look. Don't forget mascara—a couple of coats can make your lashes look fuller and more dramatic, ensuring all eyes will be on yours. And to truly make your eye color pop, select eyeshadow shades that contrast or complement your natural hue.


Keep Your Natural Brow Arch

While this might not be a makeup tip for an oval face exactly, it’s still a tip to make the most of the shape of your face – keep your natural arch in your brow. It will absolutely make a difference in how your face looks and how your makeup looks. No extreme arches for you!


For people with oval faces, makeup can be a great way to enhance their natural features and bring out their best look. Keeping your natural brow arch is an important tip to keep in mind when applying makeup to an oval face. This will help to add definition and frame your face, while still maintaining a natural look. When applying makeup, it is important to avoid using products that are too dark or too heavy, as this can make your face appear wider. Instead, opt for lighter shades and focus on highlighting your cheekbones and eyes.

When it comes to eyeshadow, it is best to use neutral tones that will enhance your eyes without overpowering your face. For contouring, use a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin tone to add definition and shape to your face. When it comes to blush, opt for a shade that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone to add a hint of color and definition. Lastly, when it comes to lips, choose a lipstick that is slightly darker than your natural lip color to add definition and shape.


Accent Your Cheekbones

When you have an oval face, I can promise that your cheeks typically feel a little left out. One of the most under utilized makeup products is blush – so ladies, why not use a little? Some awesome pink hue on your cheeks will really highlight your entire face!


Adding blush to your cheeks can really make your cheekbones pop, especially if you have an oval face shape. Don't be shy with a fluffy brush; swipe on a rosy or peachy shade that complements your skin tone, and blend it upwards towards your temples. This will create a soft, lifted effect. Remember to smile and apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks for that naturally flushed look. You'll see that a little color can go a long way in crafting a radiant, dimensional look that feels as good as it appears.


Lip Gloss

Finally, the last makeup tips for oval faces that we are going to explore is lip gloss. Whether you are using lip gloss to tone down the lips or you just want to make them shine, lip gloss is a fantastic product to use on any oval shaped face!

So ladies, do you have an oval face that you are looking for makeup tips for? I hope that these makeup tips for oval faces helped! Do you have anymore makeup tips for oval faces to share? Spill!

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