7 Eyeshadow Tips for a Perfect Day Look ...


Eyeshadow tips to get that perfect day look are hard to come by. There are tons of eyeshadow tips out there for nighttime and date looks, but for the perfect daytime look for the office? It’s hard to find tips! So ladies, with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the top 7 eyeshadow tips to pull off that ideal office look!

1. Neutral Palette of Eyeshadows

Daytime looks all revolve around the colors that you use and how you frame your eyes. Neutral colors are honestly some of the best colors in the world for daytime wear. The browns, the beiges, the whites and the caramels are all colors that look fantastic on and work well if you have to be in a suit all day! Below though, I’m going to explore some eyeshadow tips that involve colors too!

Easy on the Liner
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