7 Eyeshadow Mistakes to Avoid ...


Next to lipstick, eyeshadow is the next beloved beauty trick - nothing is more gratifying than removing the packaging from an eyeshadow kit containing a myriad of colors and creating a own personal style. I know a lot of you Stalkers love to visit some amazing bloggers and appreciate the kind of beauty they can create with an eyeshadow brush. Though you are excited about trying the different eyeshadow tricks, you should first read about the pitfalls you might encounter . Look at my list of the top 7 eyeshadow mistakes to avoid.

1. Liquid Foundation

You might be going for a consistent color, but using liquid foundation as a base coat does more harm than good. The liquid eyeshadow sticks to the creases of and ages the skin, making your eyelids look tired. The creases darken and cake to an unflattering thick crust. The better option is loose foundation powder as a cover before adding the eyeshadow.

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