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With all of the makeup ideas for amber eyes out there, it's hard to narrow it down to just 7 ideas! Amber eyes are so, so pretty, so unique and so different! They are a mixture of gold and brown almost and I love them! Do you have a golden gaze? Are you constantly looking for makeup ideas for amber eyes but can't seem to find any? Take a look below!

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Dark Purple Eyeliner

Dark Purple Eyeliner Ah, the deep purple eyeliner – this is one of the few makeup ideas for amber eyes that can also bring out the beautiful green in your eyes too! Just line up your eyes and you'll see just how beautiful your amber eyes look! Dark purple is best, but you can give a try to a lighter purple if you want to go really bold!


Aqua Colors

Aqua Colors Another great color that looks fantastic for amber eyes is aqua. I love this color and while most eye colors can't pull it off, aqua is one color that looks amazing with amber eyes. Whether you line your eyes in aqua or you go with a bold eye shadow, give it a try! What I like to do with aqua, is I really like to line my eyes in it and the go over it with a shimmery and sparkly aqua eye shadow!


Aqua is a great color to pair with amber eyes as it helps to bring out the natural warmth of the eye color. When applying aqua makeup, it's important to use a light hand to avoid going overboard with the color. For a subtle look, try lining the eyes with a thin line of aqua eyeliner and adding a light dusting of aqua eye shadow. For a more dramatic look, apply a bold line of aqua eyeliner and layer on a darker aqua eye shadow. To finish off the look, add a touch of shimmery aqua eyeshadow to the center of the eyelids.


Gold/Bronze Colors

Gold/Bronze Colors Deep golds and awesome bronzes are colors that work really, really well with amber eyes. Not only do they draw out the honey tones of your eyes, but they also draw out a bit of the green that you probably have tucked in there. Truthfully, if you go with gold with a dusting of bronze, you'll see just how beautiful your eyes look!


Amber eyes are a truly unique eye color that can be both captivating and mesmerizing. With the right makeup, they can be even more beautiful. Gold and bronze colors are great choices for enhancing the honey tones of amber eyes, as well as bringing out any underlying green. To get the most out of these colors, try using a deep gold shade with a dusting of bronze. This combination will make your eyes look stunning!

When applying makeup to amber eyes, it's important to use colors that will bring out the best of the eye color. Soft, neutral shades are a great option for everyday looks, and they can be easily dressed up with a bit of sparkle or shimmer. To create a more dramatic look, try using deeper shades of brown, purple, or even navy blue. These colors will create a contrast that will make your eye color pop.

When it comes to eyeliner, black is always a great choice for amber eyes. To make the look even more dramatic, try using a deep brown or navy color. If you want to add a bit of sparkle, try using a gold eyeliner or a shimmery white liner. This will draw attention to the eyes without being too overwhelming.



Metallic Speaking of gold and bronze, I would say that any metallic colors at all would look awesome with amber eyes. Silver is another color that you can use to really bring out the brightness of amber in your eyes. Just a little liner or some eye shadow can make all of the difference in the world!


Baby Pinks

Baby Pinks With amber eyes, you don't want to go too pink, instead, you want to go with something in a light baby pink, like a shade that might have a bit of shimmer to it. I love baby pink eye shadow with amber eyes, it really brings out the brightness and the honey tone of the warm color! What are some of your favorite baby pink colors? Give 'em up!


Know Your Skin Tone Too

Know Your Skin Tone Too Before you pick any of these makeup ideas, always take your skin color into consideration too! After all, you don't want to get something that is listed here and it doesn't work with your skin tone! Just remember, no matter what, take your skin tone into consideration.


Knowing your skin tone is crucial when it comes to choosing makeup looks that will complement your amber eyes. If you have fair skin with cool undertones, opt for cooler shades like purples and blues to make your eyes pop. For those with warm undertones, warm tones like gold and bronze will enhance your amber eyes. If you have medium skin, try shades like copper and peach for a stunning look. Darker skin tones can pull off bold colors like emerald green and burgundy. Remember to always consider your skin tone when trying out new makeup looks for your amber eyes.


Nothing Matte

Nothing Matte Finally, the last makeup idea that I have for amber eyes all revolves around nothing matte. You want something shimmery, you want something glittery and you want something metallic, nothing matte for these color eyes, as it can make them look a little flat. What type of shimmery, sparkly eye shadow is your favorite?

So all you amber-eyed girls, what other makeup ideas for you have for your eye color? What has worked best for you? Any tips or tricks to share? Give 'em up!

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It's very beautiful

Revolution has a pallet that works great for neutral skin and amber eyes. It has glitter, mild metallics, and different greens which are all in earthy tones. works great for those who love earthy colors too. be aware not to put too much on, otherwise it'll smear and look clowny.

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