7 Best Eyeliners for Beginners ...

Eyeliners for beginners are great for those of you who are just beginning to wear makeup. Eyeliners for beginners are easier to apply than some more difficult liners, such as liquids. Wearing eyeliner is a great way to emphasize your eyes or to make a dramatic statement. Experimenting with different eyeliner colors is a fun way to mix up your typical every day makeup look.

1. MAC Eye Kohl Pencil

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MAC Eye Kohl Pencil is a great choice when choosing eyeliners for beginners. This pencil is soft, which makes it easier to apply and blend if necessary. It has a silky smooth consistency and has a matte yet pearly finish. Since it is easy to blend, you can easily hide mistakes by softening the pencil with a cotton swab or makeup brush. In addition to your basic black and brown, this eyeliner comes in a variety of colors for fun, bright makeup looks.

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