7 Smart Makeup Tips for a Job Interview ...


7 Smart Makeup Tips for a Job Interview ...
7 Smart Makeup Tips for a Job Interview ...

With all of the different makeup tips for a job interview out there, do you really know what to wear when you are under the pressure of a job interview? I've recently interviewed for a job and I had no idea how I should be doing my makeup! That's what made think about what makeup tips for a job interview would really be useful! So take a look, girls!

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Cream Blush

Cream Blush Cream blush is one of those secret makeup tips for a job interview that I never knew about! Cream blush is something that works awesomely because it doesn't smudge when you are on the hot seat. It'll keep your cheeks the perfect amount of pink! Cream blush is also really easy to put on, which I love!


Neutral Lip Color

Neutral Lip Color When you are going on a job interview, you don't want to overdo anything. Instead, you want to be understated yet still fashionable. Neutral lip color is the ideal way to still be fashionable, but also keep it toned down a little bit! I love, love, love nude lipstick! Some of my favorite nude lipsticks come from MAC!


Blend Makeup Well

Blend Makeup Well Always, before you leave the house, make sure that you blend your makeup really well. You don't want your makeup line to show and you don't want to appear unpolished. So girls, make sure that you blend that makeup extremely well and that there are no makeup lines to speak of! Remember, don't forget your jawline!


Don't Use Too Much Powder

Don't Use Too Much Powder This is a common mistake that so many girls make – using way too much powder! Powder is something that is supposed to be setting your makeup and keeping away the shine! So don't over-powder it, girls! Powder can also look really cakey on and you don't want that. Just a few little swipes of your powder brush should do it, and will make sure that your makeup sets!


Don't over Use Blush

Don't over Use Blush What goes along with the powder? Too much blush! Don't over blush your cheeks, it can make you look a little less put together than you probably are. Just a few swipes of blush on your cheeks and you should be able to highlight your cheekbones just fine! Refer to tip #1, this is why cream blush is such a great option!


Natural Light

Natural Light Did you know that natural light is actually the best way to really see how you look? So go outside with your mirror before your interview. That way, you'll be able to see how you really look and how your makeup looks outside! I did this just before my interview and it was actually a huge difference from what I was seeing in my mirror at home!


Oil-Blotting Papers

Oil-Blotting Papers Finally, in that little purse that you are taking with you to your job interview, you want to make sure to keep some oil-blotting papers. These will save your life and you'll be able to suck up any oil or shine that appears on the way to your interview! I know that I sweat a lot more before an interview; if you do too, this is a great option for you!

So, these are all of my makeup tips for a job interview! Do you have any others that you can share? Give it up in the comments, we'd love to hear 'em!

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Very helpful, but I don't think the outfits these women are wearing are job interview appropriate. I would make the clothes look good too. Just an opinion.

I also think it's important to tailor your makeup to the job or position you're applying for. If you normally wear a full face-- smoky eyes, false lashes, heavy contouring and highlighting, etc.-- you will probably want to tone it down if you're applying for a nursing position, for example. The rule of thumb for dressing for an interview is to look at the current employees and dress the same or slightly fancier than they do, and I believe the same applies for makeup as well.

Starbucks napkins, and other similar brownish napkins, make excellent oil blotters!

I've learned a lot about make up with your tips and advise. I'm not the kind of girl that uses make up or know any product but now I feel confident enough to go into a cosmetic store and buy some products myself.

This also really helpful for when you do auditions of any kind, because talent means nothing if you look unclean and unkempt.

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