7 Fabulous Tips for Applying Blush ...

Blush is my favorite part of makeup as long as the wearer follows all of the key tips for applying blush. I think blush brings an entire look together. Blush can make or break your look, and in order to look naturally rosy and delightfully youthful, you’ll need to keep in mind these tips for applying blush.

1. Cream or Powder?

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The first of my tips for applying blush takes you to the store and forces you to ask yourself “cream or blush?” The way I see it is, if you want people to know you’re wearing blush you should wear powder. However, if you want the rouge to blend into your skin and look more natural, you should go the cream route. Each decision is equally beautiful, and sometimes it just depends on the event you’re attending, the day, or your mood! Regardless though, purchase a blush you think you’ll use often and feel most comfortable wearing.

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