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7 Fabulous Tips for Applying Blush ...

By Sabrina

Blush is my favorite part of makeup as long as the wearer follows all of the key tips for applying blush. I think blush brings an entire look together. Blush can make or break your look, and in order to look naturally rosy and delightfully youthful, you’ll need to keep in mind these tips for applying blush.

1 Cream or Powder?

Cream or Powder? The first of my tips for applying blush takes you to the store and forces you to ask yourself “cream or blush?” The way I see it is, if you want people to know you’re wearing blush you should wear powder. However, if you want the rouge to blend into your skin and look more natural, you should go the cream route. Each decision is equally beautiful, and sometimes it just depends on the event you’re attending, the day, or your mood! Regardless though, purchase a blush you think you’ll use often and feel most comfortable wearing.

2 Apply under Good Lighting

Apply under Good Lighting When you apply blush - or any makeup for that matter - make sure that you’re in a well-lit area. If you apply blush in a dimly-lit room, you won’t have any idea of what it will look like once you step outside. Make sure the room is either flooded with natural sunlight, or lit by artificial lights so that you can see your coloring clearly.

3 Apply Bronzer

Apply Bronzer Bronzer and blush go together like peanut butter and jelly! They complement each other and the rest of your makeup, pulling together your entire look and giving your face a glamorous, lifted look. When applying bronzer, make sure you put it on first, as well as any other face makeup; blush should always be last. Use bronzer to sculpt your jaw as well as define your cheekbones by dusting it from your hairline to cheeks. Blush should be swept just above the bronzer, completing the look.

4 Apply Highlighter

Apply Highlighter Highlighter makes you appear happier and brighter, just like blush. Highlighter, blush and bronzer all must work together to contour your face. Like bronzer, you want to apply highlighter before applying your blush. Apply highlighter to your T-line, underneath your eyebrow, on the brow bone, and above your lips. You can apply it to your nose as well if you wish to accent it. Highlighter provides a great contrast to your blush and to your bronzer, and all three work together to accentuate your natural beauty.

5 Peach Vs. Pink

Peach Vs. Pink Just like lipsticks come in different families of colors, blushes do too, and must be treated as such. If you treat a peach blush like a pink blush, you’ll have problems! Pink blush is designed to create more of a doll-like look, and thus be concentrated on the apple of your cheeks. However, peach blushes are meant to lift and brighten your face by creating a natural blush. The choice is up to you, simply make sure you know the difference before you begin applying blush.

6 Fish Face

Fish Face Instead of smiling when you apply your blush, make a fish face, drawing your lips inward. Making a “fish face” when you apply blush can help you find the apple of your cheeks. The apple of your cheek is where your natural blush actually forms, so it is going to be the focal point of your blush application.

7 Not Just the Apple!

Not Just the Apple! The classic, doll look using blush has you concentrate blush on the apple of your cheeks and the apple alone. We’ve moved away from that trend now; today it’s a pretty big no-no. When applying blush, you should actually begin right above the corner of your eyebrow, then apply some to your temple, and lastly sweep it over your cheek inward, and then concentrate on the apple. This provides your face with a more complete overall look and a natural blush which shapes your face.

Blush is a critical component to a made-up look in my book, which is why I try to abide by all of these rules for applying it. Which of these tips do you love and follow? What other tips do you have for someone using blush?

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