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It's important to consider various makeup tricks for different face shapes because not every makeup look or style looks good on every person. What may look good and help define a square face is not necessarily what will work for an oval face. Pay attention to your own individual feature, ladies! Your face can look its best with just a few simple tricks individualized for your features. Check out this list of makeup tricks for different face shapes:

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Oval Faces

Oval Faces Starting off this list of makeup tricks for different face shapes are tricks for oval faces. An oval face has a forehead that is a bit wider than the chin. Just about any makeup look will flatter an oval face, but certain tricks are more flattering than others. Because an oval face is naturally contoured. heavy contouring is unnecessary. Instead, define your already beautiful features with bronzer in the shape of a "3" on both sides. This means starting at the forehead, coming in to the cheekbones, and finishing off beneath the chin,


To enhance your natural beauty further, highlighting is key. Gently sweep a highlighter above your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and on the cupid's bow to bring a subtle glow and dimension to your face. For the eyes, a classic winged eyeliner can accentuate their shape, while neutral shades of eyeshadow can add depth without overpowering. Lips are where you can play with color; try different shades to find what complements your look best. Remember, less is often more, so let your natural oval face shape shine through.


Oblong Faces

Oblong Faces Women with oblong faces may feel the need to "shorten" their face. In order to do this, concentrate your bronzer beneath your jaw line to make the face look less "long". To add width, apply blush right on the centers or apples of your cheeks. A highlighter applied to the top of the cheekbones will also add width by bringing the eye to the center of the face.


Square Faces

Square Faces Square faces can get away with contouring more so than oval faces because of the width, so accentuate those sexy, chiseled features! Contouring should focus right on the hairline, on the cheekbones, sides of the nose, and on the jawline. For the eyes, avoid sharp lines and instead keep everything soft.


Round Faces

Round Faces In order to create a bit more length and dimension, contour the cheek bones rather heavily and also "carve" out the jawline with contour/bronzer as well. For blush, instead of just focusing on the apples of the cheeks which may make your features look too "squished", apply the blush on your cheeks right below the center of the eye and sweep outwards.


Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-Shaped Faces Heart-shaped faces have prominent cheekbones, so accentuate those babies by applying a light blush and a bit of bronzer right on the apples and up through the cheekbone. Heart-shaped faces can tolerate a deeper lip color, which will help define the face even more.


Long Square Faces

Long Square Faces Long square faces have high foreheads, high cheekbones, and a strong jawline. Utilize the power of "3" and contour a 3 on both sides of the face (forehead, cheekbones, and jaw). Keep the eyebrows arched to help shorten the length of the face.


Triangle Face Shape

Triangle Face Shape Dust bronzer along the jawline to help minimize the jaw. Also, when choosing a lip color, avoid anything striking like a bright red or deep color. Instead. opt for something more neutral to draw attention away from the chin.

Whatever face shape you have, embrace it. No face shape is better than another, so play up your best features and have fun with your makeup look! These tricks will help to define your best assets and make your face shape look its best. What tricks do you find work best for your face shape?

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