7 Different Eyeliner Styles You Can Create Easily ...


There's no need to be bored of your make-up when there are different eyeliner styles to wear each day. If you have enough time and a sharp enough liner, then there's nothing stopping you from looking fabulous. Don't worry about messing up, because no one is going to see your first attempt. Try it again and again until it looks the way you want it to. If you're not sure which design to try, start with one of these different eyeliner styles:

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Winged Winged eyeliner is becoming more and more popular, because it looks so darn pretty. When creating wings, you should typically leave your bottom lid empty, and only line the upper lid. The most difficult part is getting the angle at the edge of your eye to look flawless, and to make the other eye look exactly the same. It's difficult at first, but it's one of the different eyeliner styles that you should attempt. It can make your eyes pop!


Double Wings

Double Wings If you're not satisfied with one wing, why not add another? The second wing should jet out from below the first one, but should have the same thickness, so that it doesn't look odd. If you want to look extra stylish, then use a different color for the second wing. Something shimmery is always a plus.


All around

All around Your lower lid doesn't always have to be bare. You can draw a single line around your entire eye, outlining every inch. Just be careful, because if you have small eyes, this look could make them look even tinier. Of course, you should try it anyway to see what it looks like on you. Everyone's different.


Open Wings

Open Wings Here's another design that involves your lower lid. Draw a winged tip on your upper lid, but then do the same on your lower lid, except angle the end downward instead of upward. This one is a little tricky, because you're doing a lot at once. But once you get the hang of it, you'll look great every time.


Light on Liner

Light on Liner Your eyeliner doesn't have to be the focus of your make-up. If you have gorgeous eye shadow that you want to show off, you shouldn't go crazy with the eyeliner, or it will distract from your other attributes. There will also be days when you want to capture the nature look, and thick eyeliner will ruin it.


Cute Colors

Cute Colors There's an easy way to change your look that doesn't involve learning how to make any new designs. All you have to do is head to the store and buy a new color liner. You'll look completely different wearing green, or even brown, than you look wearing black.


Daring Designs

Daring Designs If you're a pro with make-up, then you can try the trickiest designs of them all. You don't even have to find an example online to help you. You can just sit in front of your mirror and get creative. You might create the next big style all on your own.

Your eyes are one of the first things others notice, so you want them to look beautiful. How do you usually do your make-up? Do you use any of these styles or do you use something that wasn't mentioned on the list?

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