7 Different Eyeliner Styles You Can Create Easily ...

There's no need to be bored of your make-up when there are different eyeliner styles to wear each day. If you have enough time and a sharp enough liner, then there's nothing stopping you from looking fabulous. Don't worry about messing up, because no one is going to see your first attempt. Try it again and again until it looks the way you want it to. If you're not sure which design to try, start with one of these different eyeliner styles:

1. Winged

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Winged eyeliner is becoming more and more popular, because it looks so darn pretty. When creating wings, you should typically leave your bottom lid empty, and only line the upper lid. The most difficult part is getting the angle at the edge of your eye to look flawless, and to make the other eye look exactly the same. It's difficult at first, but it's one of the different eyeliner styles that you should attempt. It can make your eyes pop!

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