7 Fail-Proof Tips for Perfect Lipstick ...

Letโ€™s face it, it can be harder than it seems to apply lipstick, but with these tips for perfect lipstick, youโ€™re guaranteed to have a gorgeous pout. Keeping up with the health of your lips is the first step to having luscious lips. Getting a perfect painted pout begins before you ever pick up the lipstick tube. If you have always struggled with applying lipstick, then follow these tips for perfect lipstick!

1. Exfoliate

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One of the most overlooked tips for perfect lipstick is exfoliating. No matter how perfectly you apply your lipstick, it will never look good if your lips are dry, flaky, or chapped. There are several companies, such as Lush, that make a lip exfoliator, but itโ€™s just as easy to make one yourself. All you do is put some coconut oil on your lips then dip your lips in sugar and rub them together. The sugar scrubs off dead skin cells while the coconut oil leaves them feeling soft. Whatโ€™s best is it tastes yummy when you lick your lips afterward! Exfoliate your lips every time you are going to wear lipstick.

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