9 Foolproof Ways to Lock in Your Lipstick ...


9 Foolproof Ways to Lock in Your Lipstick ...
9 Foolproof Ways to Lock in Your Lipstick ...

Looking for ways to lock in your lipstick? I think that finding ways to make your lipstick last longer is one of the oldest beauty dilemmas in the book. Lucky for us, we’ve now got a plethora of beauty products, tools and tricks to help make this predicament a thing of the past. If you have a hard time keeping your lipstick on your kisser and hate always having to check on and reapply your lip color, try out some of these foolproof ways to lock in your lipstick and make it last!

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Some of us underestimate the power of freshly scrubbed lips, but it’s one of the sure ways to lock in your lipstick. There is no lipstick, gloss or stain that’s going to look good or last very long on lips that are dry or flaky. You can gently apply a warm washcloth to your lips to give them a gentle polish or use a store-bought or homemade lip scrub. For an easy DIY lip scrub you can make anytime, just mix some brown sugar with honey and gently scrub your pout.



Personally, I rarely apply lip balm before I apply any lip products because I find that it makes the application uneven-which is exactly what’s it not supposed to do! But, most beauty addicts and experts find that applying lip balm creates a smooth surface for your lipstick. If you decide to give this tip a try, give your lip balm a few minutes to really sink in and then blot the surface with a tissue.



Priming your lips to make your lipstick last longer means different things to different people. Some ladies like to use lip balm as a primer whereas others will use an actual lip primer such as Too Faced’s Lip Insurance Lip Primer and some, like makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, will just apply a light layer of foundation on the lips. Feel free to explore all the options to see what works best for you. Some feel that applying foundation to your lips can dry them out so be careful with that one.



Make your lipstick last longer by lining your lips with a lip pencil in a matching or complementary shade as your lip color. Lining your lips might seem like an unnecessary extra step, but believe me, it’s not! Lining your lips helps define their shape, so if you really want to define your cupid’s bow or perhaps outline your lips to make them appear a little fuller, lip liner can help with that. Lining and filling in your lips with liner also adds another layer of color so you can count on it to stay on longer than just applying one layer of lipstick. Trace the outline of your lips, fill them in and then blot with a tissue.



The next step can actually be done after you fill in your lips with lip liner or after you’ve applied your lipstick. Everyone has their own system when wearing lipstick so go ahead and experiment with the order you apply the power to see what works. You can always skip the powder, however many experts believe that applying a thin layer of powder will help mattify the lips and help the next layer of lip color stay on even longer.



I realize it’s a little late in the game to be thinking about alternate formulas, but if you’re like most women I know, you have way more lipsticks in your stash than you’ll ever use! With that said, it’s time to choose the formula of lipstick you want to wear. Long-lasting formulas would appear to be the top choice, but some argue that they’re typically matte and drying. You can always try a creamy or satin-finish, which solves the dry issue, and if you utilize the layering and blotting tips, they won’t have any problems with lasting power, but it's totally up to you.



This next step is a bit controversial as there are as many proponents as there are opponents of using a lip brush to apply your lipstick. If you don’t already own a lip brush, feel free to skip it and just apply your lip color straight from the tube. If you have access to a lip brush, try it out and see how you like it. Many beauty experts swear that a lip brush does a better job of getting into all the crevices on our lips, and that it will apply color on a deeper level than just on the surface like lipstick straight from the tube.



There are a couple of optional tips that I wanted to mention to you that can further increase the staying power of your lip color. First, Huffington Post’s Evangeline Sarney suggests applying clear mascara or brow gel on the outside of your lip liner (before applying any lip products) to keep lip liner and lipstick in place. If you made some mistakes with your lip liner or lipstick and want to help it appear cleaner and more defined, apply a small amount of concealer around the outer edges of your lips with a small brush.



Super glossy lips look lush and flirty, but applying too much lip gloss over your lipstick can dilute the color and shorten the staying power. Avoid wearing lip gloss on top if you can, or dot your gloss very sparingly and strategically in areas where it will catch the light for a pretty, long-wearing look.

Making your lipstick last might seem like a lot of work, but taking a few extra steps beforehand is so worth not having to worry and fuss over your lips later! When you’re wearing lipstick, what do you do to make it last longer?

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This is great :)))

Choosing the right lipstick is hard!

I find that some lipsticks make my lips dry and flaky ysl lipsticks are the worst and it bleeds. Iv found Barbara daly lipsticks are good and mac especially for my lips

This is great advice, thanks

I like the 24 hour kind with the gloss on the other end

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