Perfectly Good Reasons to Use Lip Stain Instead of Lipstick ...


Perfectly Good Reasons to Use Lip Stain Instead of Lipstick ...
Perfectly Good Reasons to Use Lip Stain Instead of Lipstick ...

There are so many reasons to use lip stain. Lip color is an integral part of a look, but I stopped wearing lipstick after I realized how annoying it was to try to get through the night with it still on. When I discovered lip stain, I was finally able to add a bold lip back to my make-up palette! I had a hard time trying to find a color that matched my favorite lipstick, but I can assure you, there is a lip stain out there that matches your favorite lipstick’s luster without all the frustration that comes along with regular lipstick. When I discovered all the awesome reasons to use lip stain, I ditched my lipstick and never looked back!

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It Lasts Longer

One of the best reasons to use lip stain is that it lasts longer than regular lipstick or lip gloss. Lip stain actually dyes your lips, and some brands can even last up to 12 hours. I can vouch for this as I have gone to bed and woken up with the same rosy lips I had the night before!


Don't Have to Reapply

I used to carry my lipstick around when I was out so I could reapply every time it faded. This was such a nuisance! Forget reapplying, and switch to something that will stay on, no matter how much you eat or drink.


Hair Doesn't Get Stuck in It

Have you ever put on a sticky lipstick or gloss and your hair keeps getting stuck in it? The worst is when you're outside and the wind is whipping your hair into your lips, and it's not only getting stuck, but your hair winds up smearing it all over your face. Lip stain dries completely, so this is never an issue.


Doesn't Get on Your Teeth

Don't you hate when you've been talking to a cute guy all night, and then realize you had lipstick on your teeth? So embarrassing! One of the best things about lip stain is that since it temporarily dyes your lips, it doesn't come off on your teeth. When I talk to a cute guy now, I'm confident in giving a big smile because I know I don't have pink teeth.


Doesn't Come off on Cups

I guess the only pro of drinking with lipstick is that you always know which glass is yours when you're out. I know that leaving lipstick marks on glasses doesn't bother everyone, but I definitely dislike it.


Doesn't Inhibit Kissing

Ever kiss a guy and he winds up wearing half of your lipstick? He doesn't like it, you don't like it. I can say I've made out plenty of times with my lip stain on, and not a smidgeon gets on his lips.


Don't Have to Buy as Much

Because you really only have to apply lip stain once in any given night, you use less of it than you would use of lipstick. This also means that you don't have to buy as much, and you save money! How are you not winning here?

I love adding a bold or nude lip color to my daily make-up, depending on the look I’m going for, and I have finally been able to do this, hassle-free! Have you ever used lip stain? If so, what other things do you like about it?

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Would you guys think lip stain is better for someone over sixty?

There are some lip stains that come with the lip balm already attached to it! They're perfect

Any drug store really. I think max factor have lip stains, a lot of brands have them too. Check it out online.

You can even make your own with kool-aid powder, water, and lipbalm

If it stains, how does it come off? What if I wake up with dark stain from the night before but I have to work and want something less dramatic??

I've used a stain from Benefit Cosmetics which easily comes off with makeup remover. Urban Decay sells one too. Not sure how permanent it is as I've never used it. Cover Girl and Revlon also sell stains and in a variety of colors. The CG comes of easily as well.

Where can I can lip stains?

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