17 Fabulously Amazing Makeup Tips from the Kardashians ...

By Holly

17 Fabulously Amazing Makeup Tips from the Kardashians ...

Love them or hate them, it's clear that the Kardashian family is super fashionable. They know how to dress, style their hair, and do their makeup. That's why you should follow these tips inspired by Kim herself:

1 Do Your Makeup before Your Hair

The style of makeup you choose to wear could influence your hairstyle. Besides, you don't want to do your hair first and end up ruining it by getting foundation in it.

2 Use Cream Eye Shadow

This is the best type of shadow to use, because it'll stay on all day long. Plus, it's easy to apply!

3 Make Sure Your Foundation Matches Your Skin Tone

If your foundation is too dark or too light, it'll make your skin look strange. You don't want your neck to look different than your face.

4 Put Foundation on Your Ears and Legs

Don't stick to using foundation on your face. Kim uses it on her ears, legs, and anywhere else that she's showing skin that day.

5 Sleep on a Satin Pillow Case

You should also make sure to change your pillowcase often. Otherwise, the buildup on it could end up causing acne.

6 Create Ombre Brows

Don't fill your brows in with the same color. Make them lighter on one side and darker on the other.

7 Apply Creams before Powders

If you're going to use both powders and creams, make sure you start with the creams. Powders work much better on top.

8 Triple Line Your Eyes

Your eyes shouldn't take you two seconds to do. You should line your eyes three different times for the best effect.

9 Contour, Highlight Twice, and then Apply Your Blush

This is the order you should be following if you want to copy Kim's elaborate makeup routine. Contour your face, then highlight it, then highlight it again, then use blush.

10 Widen Eyes with Smokey Shadow

If you're unhappy with the size of your eyes, you can use your eyeshadow to make them look wider.

11 Use a Beauty Blender

These should be your best friends. It's the best way to apply your foundation.

12 Moisturize Your Face before Applying Your Makeup

If your face isn't moisturized beforehand, then your makeup could end up looking cakey and flaky.

13 Keep Areas You Want to Recede Shimmer-free

Shimmery makeup will draw attention to the area you put it on. So if you don't want anyone to look at your cheeks, don't use shimmery blush.

14 Blend as Much as You Can

If you don't blend all of your makeup, then it'll be obvious that you're wearing makeup.

15 Highlight under Your Eyes, in the Center of Your Forehead, and on the Strip down Your Nose

These are the areas where you want to make your skin look lighter.

16 Contour the Line under Your Cheeks, around Your Hairline, around Your Jawline, and around Your Nose

These are the areas where you want to make your skin look darker

17 Take Selfies when You’re Finished

There's no point in doing your makeup if no one is going to see it. That's why you should take selfies as soon as you're done!

You don't have to like the Kardashians in order to steal their style tips. What's the best makeup tip you've ever heard?

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