Tips for Sleeping in Your Makeup ...

By Holly

Tips for Sleeping in Your Makeup ...

You shouldn't make a habit of sleeping in your makeup. However, Kim K does it all the time, and she knows if you're going to do it, you might as well do it right. So take some advice from Marie Claire and do these things:

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Set Your Makeup with Loose Powder
This way, your makeup will last longer.


Skip Your Normal Skincare Routine
Moisturizer, face oils, and eye cream will ruin your makeup, so don't use them if you plan on sleeping in your makeup.


Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase This way, you won't get as many breakouts.


Lay Mummy-style

Lay Mummy-style Try to sleep on your back, so that your makeup doesn't rub off on your pillow and sheets.


Refresh Your Makeup in the AM
Spray some skin mist on your face and touchup the mascara that has faded away overnight.

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Don't Wear the Same Face of Makeup for More than 18 Hours
Your skin needs to breathe to stay healthy, you know.

It's not healthy to sleep in your makeup. However, if you're going to do it every once in a while, make sure you follow these tips.

Do you ever fall asleep without removing your makeup?

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sleeping with makeup one ONE TIME doesn't ruin your skin, it's really baffling that so many of you guys believe that. The worst that could happen from one time is a breakout (level of said break out depends on the sensitivity of your skin) and yes, breakouts suck but they don't ruin your skin if you take care of it. that's even IF it happens. But sleeping in your makeup won't give you wrinkles and saggy skin and discolouration after one time. the article doesn't recommend it but it does give you the information that's needed if the occasion occurs. I'm all for washing off makeup, I don't like sleeping in my makeup, but if I had to do it wether it be because I couldn't wash my face or I needed to save time for in the morning, I would consider it for that time. washing your face too much can do the same damage that you all talk about sleeping in makeup does. You can sleep with your makeup on, just don't make it an every night habit. just like you can wash your face but don't over do it. what's the issue here

Never sleep in your makeup!

Calm down everyone, it's not recommending sleeping with make up on, it's advice for those who choose to occasionally for whatever reason. I personally remove mine at night too but each to their own. Ugly comments are worse than sleeping one night in make up!!

The worst feeling in the world is to sleep with makeup on, unless it's an afternoon nap. If you want to see how bad it is to sleep on your makeup do so and when you remove it the next morning you'll probably saggy skin and acne all over your face

Even when I come home drunk I make sure I take of my makeup. I feel bad if it don't lol

Eeeeeeeew! Worst post ever. If anything, no ONE should do what KK does. I cannot believe this. And I can't believe either that Marie-Claire published such a thing. Again, EEEEW

I would never..........

Stupid and pointless article. Don't follow Kim ks advice. Do the right thing and remove your make up before going to bed.

No night zits for me! I'm not doing this unless I have no choice.

This is stupid