7 Classic Struggles of Women Who Suck at Applying Makeup ...

By Holly

7 Classic Struggles of Women Who Suck at Applying Makeup ...

Not all of us are pros when it comes to applying makeup. After all, it's much harder than it looks. Women's Health Mag knows that, which is why they've created a list of all of the things women with poor makeup skills have to deal with:

1 Doing and Re-Doing Your Winged Eyeliner Six Times (on Each Side!) before Throwing in the Towel

You could waste an entire hour doing this.

3 Praying Your Eyebrows Are Naturally on Fleek—Because You Have No Idea How to Properly Fill Them in

Makeup isn't meant to cover hair, anyway.

4 Getting Really Excited about Going to Sephora…and then Getting Really Overwhelmed

Everyone that works there is unbelievably beautiful. It's intimidating.

5 Buying Cool Brightly Colored Makeup...but Being Too Scared to Use It

You're not daring enough to pull off some of the looks you'd like to try.

6 Never Having Your Lipstick Stay on for Longer than an Hour or Two

After you take a sip of water, it all comes off.

7 Begging Your Much More Talented Friends to do Your Makeup before Any Important Event

They're the professionals, after all.

What's the hardest part about putting on makeup?

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