Where on Your Eye Should You Apply Your Eye Makeup ?


You'll never make a mistake applying makeup again, as long as you know where all of your products are meant to go. If you're not sure, Good Housekeeping has you covered.

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Brow Bone

Brow Bone "Add a matte or shimmery pale eyeshadow directly under the brow" to make your eyebrows pop.



eyebrow, face, eyelash, eye, nose, Your main shade of shadow should go here.



Crease Apply a darker shade here to add dimension to your eye.


Outer V

Outer V This is the furthest spot you should place dark shadow.


Upper Lashline

Upper Lashline Use eyeliner, eye shadow, or mascara here.



Waterline Create a smokey look with dark liner or open up your eyes with a nude liner.


Lower Lash Line

color, face, cheek, eye, eyebrow, You can place liner and shadow here to define the eyes.


Tear Duct

Tear Duct This is where you can place shimmery shadow to make your eyes look more wide and awake.

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If your eyes are hooded, place your crease colours a bit higher to open your eyes up. Also try to apply brighter/lighter colours in the centre of your lid to open your eyes up. Depending on your eye shape, shimmer on your brow bone can make your brow bone look bigger (draw light to your brow bone if it droops to low which isn't too attractive)

I like to change up the color combos... i.e. Light shades rather than dark, or mix it up completely different as to what this post suggests when I am feeling bold and vice versa!!!!

So helpful! I know I'm just supposed to know this stuff, but I really like reading these how-to articles

lol pretty little liars

Is this Kim Kardashian? We don't care about her

This is not Kim. Just a girl with on fleek makeup

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