7 Makeup Tricks for Faking Flawless Skin ...


7 Makeup Tricks for Faking Flawless Skin ...
7 Makeup Tricks for Faking Flawless Skin ...

Few of us have flawless skin. Most of us would love to, myself included! So what’s a girl to do? You can fake flawless skin with these makeup tricks. With this knowledge, soon everyone will be envying you for your fabulously flawless skin.

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Start with Moisturizer

First things first. Always start your makeup routine with moisturizer. Your skin needs moisturizer even if it’s oily. Find a moisturizer that’s made for your specific skin type, whether it’s oily, dry or combination. Also look for one that has SPF in it. Having your skin moisturized and protected is going to give you the best makeup application results.


Follow up with Primer

After you apply your moisturizer, follow up with primer. Primer is an amazing little product you need in your makeup arsenal. It fills in your pores, blemishes and other imperfections to give your foundation a smoother finish. It also helps your foundation to last longer so that it looks as good when you take it off as it did when you put it on.


Choose Only as Much Coverage as You Need

You can get foundation with sheer, light, medium or completely full coverage. Your skin usually looks best when you wear only as much coverage as you need. It’s okay to let your freckles peak through. In fact, most people would love to have them. If you’re not sure what type of coverage you need, do some experimenting until you find one that you feel looks best on you. Ask a makeup savvy friend for advice if you’re struggling.


Select a Shade That Works for You

In addition to choosing the right coverage, you also need to choose the right shade. This’s something you don’t want to settle on. Make sure you get a shade that matches your skin almost if not completely perfectly. I’ve heard many different tips on how to test a foundation to see if it’s right for you and they’re helpful but the best way to know for sure is by just using it for a week or so. If it doesn’t work for your skin tone then take it back.


Blend Away Harsh Lines

Blending is an important part of faking flawless skin. You want people to look at your skin and think “Wow, is that girl wearing foundation or is that her natural skin?” Lines from where your foundation ends aren’t going to help you achieve that affect. Blending is most easily done when you’re applying your foundation rather than after it’s dry. After some practice, you’ll be a pro at this.


Conceal Imperfections

Concealer is a wonderful makeup product that’s made especially to conceal imperfections. It can cover things such as discolorations, blemishes, scars and undereye circles. It’s important to note that sometimes you need a different concealer for undereye circles than you do for the rest of your face. I’ve been using It Cosmetic’s Bye-Bye Under Eye and I’m really impressed with it. Concealer can be applied with a brush or directly from your fingers.


Soak Away Excess Makeup

Sometimes you can get a little more makeup on your face than you intended to. Going back over your makeup before you set it with powder can fix this. Take a sponge and dab areas where too much makeup may have collected. Common places makeup collects are the corners of your eyes and nose and along the hairline. Soaking away excess makeup will prevent caking later in the day.

These’re 7 steps to faking flawless skin. How do you do this? I’d love to hear your secrets!

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Make sure your makeup sponge (like a beauty blender. Not those makeup wedges !) is used damp. You won't get the same effect if it's dry

Because when you apply foundation, you may be removing the concealer. If you foundation is powder, then you apply concealer first.

I never understood why concealer is used after foundation is applied

I love this❤️Thanks for the great post!

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