Up Your Eyelash Game to the Next Level with These Knock out Tips ...

By Lyndsie

Up Your Eyelash Game to the Next Level with These Knock out Tips ...

Want killer eyelashes? Who doesn't? Well, you might not, I suppose, but if you don't want to up your eyelash game, why are you here?! For those of you who do want next level eyelashes, I totally understand. My wife looks like she's wearing falsies even without mascara, but my lashes are practically nonexistent. So, in the spirit of sisterhood and sharing tips, here are, oh, all sorts of things you can do to make your eyelashes even longer and more luxurious.

1 Bend the Mascara Wand

Bend the brush so that it's perpendicular with the wand. It's easier to control and maneuver that way, so you can get corner-to-corner coverage – even the short lashes at the inner corners of your eyes.

2 Find the Right Wand for You

This requires a lot of testing and experimenting, but eventually you'll find a wand you love – even if it's not the wand that comes with the mascara you love.

3 Wiggle the Brush Back and Forth

Wiggling your brush back and forth as you apply your mascara creates more volume, gives you more curl, and makes that curl last longer.

4 Layer Your Mascara

Don't layer it on too thickly. Watch using too many coats and beware of clumping. You know what's really amazing?

5 Coat Both Sides of Your Lashes so You Can Thicken Them

This is a tricky maneuver, so it may take some practice. However, coating each side of your eyelashes will give you darker, thicker, longer lashes.

6 Soak Thick, Clumpy Mascara in Hot Water

Specifically, submerge the entire tube in a cup filled with hot water. It melts the formula just enough to soften it and thin it out, thus eliminating the clumping.

7 Use Different Kinds of Mascara

Remember that tip about layering your mascara? That tip works well with this one. Only you can decide which formulas to mix. For example, you might want to use a lengthening mascara with a volumizing one. Layering waterproof mascara over regular mascara is also a winner.

8 Dab Away Any Mistakes with a Q-tip

There's no need to suffer unsightly smears or raccoon eyes when a Q-tip cleans up mistakes quickly and efficiently. You may need to moisten it in warm water or even some eye makeup remover, but it's still a clean and precise way to erase mistakes.

9 Heat up Your Eyelash Curler

Don't make it scorching hot, but heating it up a little will make your eyelashes curl beautifully. They'll hold their curl longer, as well.

10 Use a Business Card to Apply Your Mascara

What you do is hold the card against the base of your eyelashes, then you essentially comb your brush through your eyelashes. You get an even coat without making a mess.

11 Hold a Spoon under Your Eyes when Applying Mascara to Your Lower Lashes

When you're applying mascara to your lower lashes, you're even more likely to make a mistake – unless you try this trick. Hold a spoon under your lower lashes as you apply your mascara. The spoon works just like the business card mentioned above.

12 Twist the Wand when You Pull It out of the Bottle

Twist it instead of pumping it. You don't get air in the mascara, you don't damage the brush, and you'll be left with the perfect amount of mascara.

13 Apply Mascara Last

Otherwise, you run the risk of getting blush, powder, and eye shadow all over your lashes. The powder coats the wet lashes and dulls your fabulous mascara.

14 Brush Away Excess Mascara with an Old Toothbrush

This is a great way to get rid of excess mascara when it clumps on your eyelashes or makes them stick together. You don't have to use a toothbrush, either. If you have a spare spoolie, that's even better.

15 Use Eye Drops to Thin out Mascara

You can also use eye drops to thin out thick or dry mascara. It's better to use simple saline, though.

16 Dust Your Lashes in Baby Powder between the First and Second Coat

Why? Because the pigmentation will be out of this world. Your eyelashes will look dark, dramatic, and so thick!

17 Curl Lashes While Applying Mascara to Make the Curl Last Longer

Actually, what you're really doing is applying your eyelash curler and then applying mascara to the parts of your eyelashes that peek out, if you get what I mean. Just don't apply your mascara and then use the curler because you might rip out your lashes. Seriously.

Do you have any tricks for showstopping eyelashes?

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