Common Makeup Oops All Girls Make and How to Fix Them ...


Common Makeup Oops All Girls Make and How to Fix Them ...
Common Makeup Oops All Girls Make and How to Fix Them ...

Very few of us have been professionally trained in how to apply makeup. So it stands to reason that we’re going to make a mistake every now and then. These’re some of the most common makeup mistakes women make. If you’re aware of them then you can be sure they don’t happen to you!

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The Dreaded Foundation Line

hair, face, person, eyebrow, black hair, This’s a makeup mistake you can spot from a mile away. When someone makes this mistake, you almost feel embarrassed for them. It happens when you’re wearing the wrong shade or you don’t blend your makeup in carefully. If you suspect you’re wearing a foundation color that’s not right for you then ask a consultant for help at your favorite makeup counter. And blend, blend, blend!


Concealer Caking under Your Eyes

Concealer Caking under Your Eyes This one happens very easily. In fact, I’d say it’s happened to almost all of us at one time or another. Concealer is a magical makeup product but it can be cakey. To prevent this, make sure you pat your concealer in instead of rubbing it. Also, remember you only need a tiny amount.


Contouring Makes You Look Dirty

Contouring Makes You Look Dirty Contouring is really tricky. It can make your face look absolutely stunning, not to mention slimmer. But it’s not easy to accomplish. If you feel like contouring makes your face look dirty then you’re either using a product that’s too dark or you’re applying too much of it. Try switching to a lighter palette or using a lighter hand while applying.


Your Blush Looks Too Strong

Your Blush Looks Too Strong This’s one I have to be careful about. I’m very fair skinned so blush stands out on me very easily. Blush that looks too strong distracts from the rest of your makeup. In fact, it’s all others can really focus on. If your blush looks more like paint than a natural flush, tone it down by blending it out and adding a light layer of powder on top.


Eyeshadow Fades into Crease

Eyeshadow Fades into Crease Some women have more trouble with this than others. It seems like women with oily skin struggle with it the most. The solution to it is simple. Apply an eye primer before you apply your eyeshadow. If you still have problems with the only eyeshadow left at the end of the day being in the crease then you may need to shop for a better brand.

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Eyeliner Looks Too Dramatic

Eyeliner Looks Too Dramatic Do you ever step back from the mirror and feel like your eyeliner looks too dramatic? Eyeliner is meant to bring attention to your eyes but you want your eyes to be the center of attention, not the eyeliner surrounding them. You can do several things if you feel your eyeliner is always too dramatic. You can switch to a lighter color such as from black to gray or brown. You can also practice wearing a thinner line.


Unflattering Lipstick

Unflattering Lipstick Lipstick can be the finishing touch that makes your whole look come together. It can also make your makeup look very, very wrong. If you feel like you might be wearing lipstick shades that aren’t flattering to you then try some different ones. Start by shopping for a shade that’s close to your natural lip color; this’s what makeup junkies frequently refer to as a “your lips but better” shade. Ask a friend who’s talented with makeup to come along if you feel you need help.


Poor Use of Lip Liner

face, eyebrow, hair, lip, cheek, Lip liner is great for perfecting your pout. However, too dark of liner with too light of lipstick is going to be a major makeup faux pas. Make sure to match your liner first and be sure you're not just lining your lips but also filling them in with the liner.


Sleeping in Makeup

white, clothing, human positions, wedding dress, bridal clothing, Horrible for your skin and not very flattering in the morning. You may think you can just wipe the smudge, reapply certain areas, and head on to your day, saving time. However, this is not the case. Just wash and reapply the next day.


Using the Wrong Shade of Foundation

face, hair, eyebrow, cheek, nose, One of the more common makeup mistakes and probably the most easily corrected. In summer, your sun kissed skin probably needs a darker foundation that the light winter tones you hold. Just keep this in mind and probably have different options for the seasons. Test on your neck or jawline before purchasing to ensure it will match and blend the way you need it to.

These'er 10 common makeup mistakes. Which ones are a struggle for you? I love reading your comments!

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My usual problem is my eyebrows.

I have trouble wearing eyeliner, it's either to bold or too skinny :(

Very good ❤

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