7 Sexy Makeup Tutorials Taylor Swift Fans Will Love ...


Taylor used to look like the innocent girl next door, but lately, she's looked like a complete goddess. Both looks are worth stealing, so if you want to wear your makeup like she does, then you should check out these sexy makeup tutorials that Swift fans will love:

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The Signature Taylor Swift Look

Do you love Taylor Swift's signature red lips and cat eyes? Then you're going to love this tutorial. It'll show you which makeup is the best to wear when you're trying to recreate T Swift's hottest look. Just don't forget to line the inner corner of your eye and add some sparkling shadow, because that'll help you complete the look!


Taylor Swift BRIT Makeup

If you saw what Taylor looked like during the BRITs, then you'd want to look like her, too! On that night, Taylor had a light shimmery color on the lid with glitter on top. She had the glitter through her crease and into the inner corner, which looked absolutely gorgeous. She also had on false lashes, so make sure you buy a few!


Blank Space Makeup Tutorial

Did you love the song Blank Space? Of course you did! The only thing better than the lyrics was the way she looked in the music video. That's why you should try to recreate this tutorial, which includes bright red lips and smokey eyes. It's perfect for going to a party, going to a club, or just for making your ex jealous!


Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial

Have you heard Wildest Dreams yet? If you haven't, then you have to watch the music video ASAP, because it has a song that's bound to get stuck in your head. Of course, that's not the only great thing about it. It also has a glamorous, pin-up style makeup look that you should try wearing yourself!


Teardrops on My Guitar Makeup Tutorial

Remember way back in the day, when Taylor looked like the girl next door? That's when this video was created. Of course, just because it's old, that doesn't mean it's out of date. You can still rock this look on your next date. It'll make you look super sweet and innocent, just like the Taylor we all knew and loved looked back in the day.


1989 Makeup Tutorial

Taylor looked like a bit of a hipster during her music video for 1989, but she looked like a hot hipster. It's a look that's perfect to wear to the beach, and since the weather is getting warmer, you should learn how to create it ASAP. It involves red lips, like most of Taylor's looks, but it also involves some natural looking eye makeup that's perfect for summertime.


To get the look, start with a flawless base using a light foundation or BB cream to give that easy breezy feel. It's all about enhancing your natural beauty, so dab on some concealer where needed. For eyes, think subtle shades of peach or soft brown, and don't forget to define those brows for extra expression. Finish with a flick of mascara to bring out your lashes. As for lips, bold red is non-negotiable; it's the quintessential Taylor touch. And there you have it – a look that's ready for a day under the sun or a casual night out.


Bad Blood Makeup Tutorial

If you want to look like a complete badass, then you should recreate Taylor's makeup look from Bad Blood. It contains fierce eyes and dark lips. Basically, you'll end up looking like a girl who could either give a guy the best night of his life or make his life a living hell. Yes, you'll look that intense.

Taylor Swift has always been a gorgeous girl. That's why she's perfect to use as makeup inspiration! Which one of these makeup tutorials are you willing to try out?

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