How Can You Master the Copper Makeup Look?


Copper makeup is trending right now, and for good reason. It’s a fun way to try a new color and rock the new metallic that everyone’s talking about. But how to get it just right? There are some easy tips you can use to make sure that when you wear copper it looks on point instead of embarrassing. Your best bet is to practice the trend before you go out so that you can get it just right before you have to face the world. Here’s are the tips you need to wear copper makeup any day of the week.

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Don’t Wear Copper All over

Don’t Wear Copper All over Copper is great, but you want to focus it on one feature instead of wearing it all over at the same time. The most popular way to wear copper is on the eyelids, but you can also try it on your cheeks or lips. Just remember not to do all those places at once. Choose one place to focus the copper and balance it with other colors for a look you’ll really love.


Choose a Pale Copper on Your Lids

Choose a Pale Copper on Your Lids While your eyelids are the perfect place to wear copper makeup, you don’t want to go too heavy on it. You’ll look way overdone and over the top. That’s fine if you’re heading to a rave, but for every day, you want to choose a muted shade of copper and don’t pile it on too heavy. If you have a dark skin tone, you can get away with a bit deeper of a shade, but light skin needs a milder hue.


When applying your pale copper eyeshadow, start with a small amount on your brush and build up as needed. This approach gives you control over the intensity and ensures a subtle, flattering result. Blending is key. Sweep the shadow lightly across your lids, and use a blending brush to soften any harsh lines for a seamless finish. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a touch of brightening champagne color to make them pop. If you want to add a bit of drama, a fine line of darker copper or brown eyeliner can define your eyes beautifully without overpowering the look.


You Can Go Deep Copper when It Comes to Lipstick

You Can Go Deep Copper when It Comes to Lipstick Because a bright copper color doesn’t look that great against most skin tones, you need to choose a deep, dark copper color of lipstick. Stay away from those with an orange undertone and gravitate toward a more russet one. Pair the lipstick with other colors on your eyes and cheeks and experiment to figure out how you can make the trend work best for you.


When selecting the perfect deep copper lipstick, pay close attention to your natural lip color. For a harmonious look, those with a cooler undertone should opt for a copper with a hint of berry, while warmer undertones are flattered by shades with a touch of bronze. To make your copper lips the centerpiece, keep the rest of your makeup subdued - think subtle bronzer and a sweep of warm neutral eyeshadow. Always remember: the key is to balance the look to enhance your features without overwhelming them. And don't be afraid to mix and blend lip colors to customize the perfect copper shade for you!


Be Careful with Coppery Blush

Be Careful with Coppery Blush The wrong shade of copper can look terrible against certain skin tones. Experts say that you need to pair the copper with a beige color to prevent yourself from looking orange or washed out if you have lighter skin. Choose a bronzy copper if you have a darker skin tone. Easy, right?


When it comes to the copper makeup look, you must be careful to choose the right shade of copper for your skin tone. For those with lighter skin, pairing a copper blush with a beige color will help prevent the look from washing out or making you look orange. For those with darker skin tones, a bronzy copper is the way to go. When applying, use a light hand to avoid looking too heavy-handed. Make sure your foundation is applied evenly and lightly to ensure the copper blush stands out. Remember, a little goes a long way so use a light hand and build up the color gradually.


Try Copper Eyeliner

Try Copper Eyeliner If you’re not quite ready to go all out with the copper, ease into the trend with copper eyeliner. Once you get more comfortable with the color, you can branch out and try other copper makeup ideas. Copper eyeliner looks great against many shades of eye shadow, so don’t be afraid to play around with it and figure out what looks best on you.


Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Coppers

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Coppers Can’t find the perfect copper shade for you? Try mixing a couple of different shades to create your own. This is something that you can do on your eyes, cheeks and lips and ensures that you pull off the copper trend the exact way you want to. There are so many great copper makeup products out there so you’re sure to find the ones that work best for you.


Keep It Glossy

Keep It Glossy Most makeup experts will say that copper only works if it’s glossy. Matte is huge right now, but since the allure of copper lies in the metallic-ness of it, you don’t want to try matte copper. Stick with the glossy products for the best results.

Have you ever worn copper makeup? What tips can you add?

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