Fab Tips on How to Use Makeup to Look More Approachable ...

Makeup can alter your entire appearance. If you're worried about looking too tired or grumpy, then you can put on a few special products to seem awake and inviting. That way, more people will feel comfortable approaching you, because you'll look like you're in an amazing mood and ready to socialize. If you've been trying to make more friends, here are a few ways to use makeup to look more approachable in your everyday life:

1. Don't Overdo Your Makeup

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You don't want to walk around with dark smokey eyes and black lips every single day. If you do, then others might assume that your dramatic look means you wish to be left alone. That's why you should try wearing lighter colors every once in a while. If you have your heart set on smokey eyes, then wear nude smokey eyes. They don't always have to be black, you know.

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