7 Lengthening Mascaras That Are Better than False Lashes ...

Do you need some help locating some lovely lengthening mascara to help you achieve longer looking lashes? Well, I’ve rounded up seven of some of the best in the business to help you choose! If you lack length in your lashes like me, you know how important it is to find a good mascara that offers length, volume and curl so your eyes really pop. Check out my picks for seven of the best lengthening mascaras below!

1. Lancôme DÉFINICILS - High Definition Mascara

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One of the most highly rated lengthening mascaras is from Lancôme. They’re high def mascara is the best-selling mascara and provides definition, length and separation without smudging or any clumps. Use this mascara when you need your mascara to really make your eyes stand out and last all day or night long!

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