Lip Liner Mistakes That'll Ruin Your Look ...


Lip Liner Mistakes That'll Ruin Your Look ...
Lip Liner Mistakes That'll Ruin Your Look ...

Lip liner is still in style. You can use it to make your lips look larger, or to simply define them. Of course, you need to apply it the right way. Follow these tips from Health and you'll always look fabulous:

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Choosing the Wrong Hue

Choosing the Wrong Hue Try to find a lip liner that's the same shade as your lip stick. Unless, of course, you want to create the illusion of bigger lips. In that case, "choose a liner that is one shade darker than your lipstick."


When selecting a lip liner, consider your desired finish; matte liners can prevent lipstick from feathering, while creamier formulas blend more seamlessly, offering a subtler transition. To avoid an outdated look, don't overdraw your natural lip line excessively, as it can appear unflattering and unnatural. Instead, focus on subtle enhancements that compliment your lip's shape. Remember to blend well, because harsh lines can detract from the overall harmony of your makeup and can make your lips look smaller rather than fuller.


Lining Lips before Lipstick
You should actually apply your lipstick first, and then put on your lip liner, so it's easier for you to change or define your lip line.


When using lip liner after lipstick, it's much simpler to correct any mistakes. Plus, this technique prevents the dreaded ring-around-the-lips once your lipstick starts to fade. It's all about blending and creating a seamless transition from your liner to the lipstick. Remember, always keep your liner sharp for a precise application. And if you're going for a bolder look, you can slightly overline your lips within reason. But be careful not to overdo it, as this can quickly go from chic to clownish. Keep it natural and enhance what you've got!


Working Too Fast

Working Too Fast Don't outline your entire mouth without picking up your pencil. Use small strokes instead.


When you work too hastily, you risk creating harsh, unnatural lines that can look overdrawn and unflattering. It's best to be patient and build up the shape gradually, ensuring that each section of your lips is symmetrical. Take your time to connect the strokes seamlessly, and you'll be rewarded with a polished and professional result. Remember, the lip liner is there to enhance your lips, not to overpower them, so keep a light hand and proceed with care.


Not Blending Enough

Not Blending Enough You don't want to see a harsh line, which is why you should make sure to blend the color with a q-tip.


Skipping Shine

Skipping Shine To make your lips look even better, try applying a highlighter on your cupid's bow.

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Thnxx.. Very helpful

I buy lip liners that look close to my lipstick shade but after a while my liner sticks out over the lipstick shade and looks awful. I wish we had closer colours to choose from other than the basic 3 or 4 that most shops only supply...

Nice pointers

Very useful, I really like reading articles like this

Idk about lipstick first then liner I'll have to try it out

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