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If you're looking at the term "makeup hacks" and thinking, "What on earth does that mean?" then allow me to explain. Makeup hacks are tips and tricks to help you out when you're in a pinch or to make applying your makeup easier. Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where our mascara is totally drying out but we don't have time to run to the store and purchase a new tube—don't worry, there's a hack for that. Check out this list of awesome makeup hacks that will totally help save the day!

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Mascara Hack

Mascara Hack One of the first makeup hacks you'll want to know (and that we mentioned previously) is how to fix a dried-up tube of mascara. If you're in desperate need of reviving your trusty tube, add a few eye drops right inside the tube and swirl the wand around to mix the product together. You want to avoid "pumping" the mascara wand, even when the formula is in its prime, because this action will actually dry out your mascara faster.


Foundation Hack

Foundation Hack It's that same scenario you find yourself in over and over again—you're running late to work/a party/an event but you're down to the last few drops of your foundation. What do you do? Create a tinted moisturizer by blending what's left of your foundation in with your favorite face cream. Of course, the coverage will not be as full as if you used the foundation on its own, but this hack will help stretch your foundation out more.


Eyeliner Hack

Eyeliner Hack If you're also in a pinch where you forgot your eyeliner or have run out completely, take a small angled brush, dip it into your mascara, and paint on your own DIY liquid liner. Don't have a small brush? Use a Q-Tip for a smudgey, smokey look instead.


Lipstick Hack

Lipstick Hack You know those coveted tubes of lipstick that you've used to death or that sit in the bottom of your handbags and look as though someone took a bite out of them? Happens to the best of us! To help bring that tube back to life, apply warm heat from your hair dryer directly onto the broken/chipped areas of the lipstick for a few seconds, then mold the area with your fingers. To help seal the stick even more, you can place it in the freezer after you've molded it.


Lashes Hack

Lashes Hack If you're not a fan of false lashes, try this hack: after you've applied a coat of mascara, apply a bit of baby powder to your freshly-coated lashes. Once the powder has set for a few seconds, apply another coat of mascara. Your lashes will appear much fuller and longer!


Fuller Lips Hack

Fuller Lips Hack After applying your lipstick, dab a bit of frosted eye shadow or shimmery gloss right on the middle of your bottom lip. Take that same shimmery product and dab that right on your cupid's bow, or the top crook in the middle of your upper lip. This hack will help give the illusion of fuller lips.


Mascara-free Eyelids Hack

Mascara-free Eyelids Hack There's nothing worse than having those little flicks of mascara on your eyelids, especially after you've taken all that time to apply your eye shadow. Next time, place a business card right up against where your eyelashes meet your eyelid, and apply your mascara. Instead of leaving residue on your eyelids, any excess mascara will come off on the business card!

Applying makeup can be a tricky thing, especially when you're in a pinch. We hope that these makeup hacks will help you in any sticky situations, or just help to make your makeup application a bit easier. Do you know any awesome makeup hacks? Please share!

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aaaaaaaaaand!!! it helps grow your eyebrows and eyelashes over night !

Awesome tips!

pretty good tips and tricks, have taken note of these. Well done

OMG--the mascara trick? no way! throw it away! if it's dried out, it's probably got bacteria growing in it. just buy a new one. yuck!




yeah but it also helps on brightening your skin if you put it on your face overnight. Also,it gets rid of under eye circles!!

You can also apply Vaseline to your lips to prime it for a matte lipstick. It helps lips not look chapped/flaky/dry

you can also put a cold spoon on your eyelid while putting on your mascara. it keeps the residue off your eyelid and wakes up your eyes!

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